Gift giving through hampers

August 7th, 2018

The art and love behind gift giving has been a major part of the world for a long time. Look back to the days when kings and queens ruled the world, they exchanged rare stones and rare metal as gifts. Sometimes even elephants and lions to show their admiration and respect. As time and the world evolved so did the art and thought process behind gift giving. There was a point where people would buy one item for a gift but sooner than later did we come to a point where we started accumulating small gifts to make one big gift, also known as a gift hamper. Let us have peek at the wonderful and rather satisfying types of gift hampers.

  • Bath spa: people love soft, glowing and wonderfully fragrant skins, and the business world of bath spa products are making the most of this love for it. Bath spa hampers are elegant and rather nice way of telling someone to pamper themselves. It can be as simple as a small back of aftershave, a tiny toothbrush and soap to meet travel needs, along with shampoo sachets, shaving cream and razors. Or be bottles of wonderful body wash, hair gel, foot and hand creams, body creams, massage creams, scrubs, face masks, deodorants, perfumes and even bath salts. The world of bath spa is a very large and rather tempting one and gifting such a hamper sends across a soft caring and nurturing message to your loved ones.
  • Chocolate hampers: when you are lost on what to gift someone turn to chocolates and chocolate hampers, you can never go wrong. Chocolates have not only proven to be great for your health but the variety of chocolates in the market is mind blowing. Chocolate hampers are one of the highest selling gift hamper in UK. They are a major ingredient in the world of desserts and are a great side for high tea. You can create your own hamper with rather elegant chocolates like almond clusters, hand rolled chocolate truffles or even Godiva’s truffle chocolates. Or on the other end of the spectrum you can talk a step into memory lane and bring back all the childhood memories of KitKat, Cadbury dairy milk, M&Ms and even Tobleron.
  • A stationary hamper: we all love collecting notepads, pens, sticky notes and other tiny and cute stationary items as well as rather larger diaries and planners as well. For gifting anyone who uses anything remotely related to stationary, stationary hampers are heaven. They don’t only work for working adults but are a great gift for school and college going students. These hampers can have you basic colours of pens and pencils, along with erasers, led and sharpeners or even have calculators, clocks, staplers and marker pens. They are a very thoughtful and useful gift to give someone.
  • Wine hampers: the world of hamper delivery UK and USA has shown us a great deal into the world of wine hampers. They are a very sophisticated and elegant gift to give. It comes with the advantage of gifting various types of wine, instead of one just bottle.Most wine, be it red or white being used in these hamper are chosen in advance so as to make sure they complement each other and yet are different at the same time. You can add on cheese and crackers to the hamper to give it a complete elegant feel.

Hampers have not only made gift giving easier but the online world now lets us create our own personalized hampers and send them to people who can be at the other side of the world.

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