Getting to Know the Different Flavours and Varieties of Birthday Cakes

August 20th, 2019

Cakes are part and parcel of any birthday and are considered to be an item that is loved by everyone. Birthdays are definitely special and without cutting the cake, it will simply feel incomplete. Cutting the cake has rather become a custom in birthdays and even during weddings, anniversaries and other occasions. Such is its growing importance across the globe that there have emerged numerous bakeries of repute that have been innovating to bring out new flavors, tastes, and types.

Exotic cakes

Cakes are prepared delicately, beautified and then deliberately include different types of exotic flavors that only get implied for birthdays. It is also iced with a variety of sweeteners, cashew, fruits, apricot, cinnamon, nuts, pasta, cream and chocolates that are spread all over to give out that mouth-watering and smacking look. There are created different types of birthday cakes which take into consideration various aspects to make sure that it is tasty and delicious. The advent of online gift portals and bakeries have only made order gin cakes of choice an interesting and quick process and they also offer quick birthday cakes delivery.

About cakes and its origin

Cakes were started to be first baked during the start of the 13th century and derived from an age Old Norse word ‘kaka’. Some antiquarians are of the opinion that the custom of using birthday cake perhaps started in ancient Greece. The Greeks were said to have heated cakes using nectar, while the Romans praised 3 distinct types of birthdays, besides diverse types of cakes. The Romans probably called cakes as bread. In England, birthday cakes were referred to as Pastries.


These days, there are easily available hundreds of varieties of cakes to choose from, depending on size, taste, flavor, aroma, substance, and ingredients used, etc. Children’s birthday cakes are simply unique as this is considered to be the population which stresses more on the taste and flavor. Children just love to have a sweet strawberry and chocolate flavor. Some youngsters prefer to have delicacies like the Chocolate Espresso cakes, Blueberry Pecan Streusel, Deep dim gingerbread, Tiramisu Classico, etc. Adults just love to have cheese flavors, wine seasoned ones and hot chocolate mousse torte, etc. Even items like Ginger cakes and nutty delights are a hot favorite among many. The beauty of the presentation can be further glorified with the decoration of birthday cakes using ribbons, candles, flowers including edible ingredients. But the most significant thing is to write the birthday person’s name on the cake’s highest point and in an outlined manner and excellent style. These days, blooms, stripes, stars and candles can be found styled in a variety of innovative designs. Today’s birthday cakes are considered to be the contributions of Europeans. Different types of icing are provided including colored cream icing and jam icing.

Be it professionally baked or homemade one, the secret behind its preparation is using quality substances and icing with the smoothest sugar as well as egg whites. Those not good with their baking skills can try out ordering a birthday cake online.