Five Unique Cake Themes to Avail for the Child’s Birthday Party

May 7th, 2019

If the plan is to celebrate the child’s birthday, then it will definitely take lots of planning to ensure that the event is a grand one and there is no goofing up anywhere. All the guests invited to the party should enjoy it thoroughly. It is equally important to know the child’s likes and dislikes and accordingly organize the party, so that it is loved and liked by everyone.

Significance of the cake

The cake definitely plays a crucial role in any birthday party. Children of all ages do look forwards to cutting the cake on their birthday and they simply dream about it throughout the year. hence, their dreams are to be realized by providing them with a well selected cake, something that will enhance their love for their parents. The type of cake to be cut will depend upon the child’s preferences. But buying the same cake every year will be really boring. It is necessary to keep the party element to be a bit surprising and interesting. One can avail cake delivery online. The online portals do have huge collection of cakes to choose from. Going through the different categories can help.

Choosing the cake

These days, almost every patissier has been trying to become innovative by coming out with different types of birthday cakes exclusively for children. They have understood the growing demands for cakes for various types of celebrations and occasions and need for more flavours and tastes. They make use of different types of ingredients, fruits, flavours, etc. in their preparation.

Cake themes

  • Sports

    In case, the child is interested in a particular type of sport like football, cricket, baseball, basketball, etc. it is possible to design the dessert to represent the game. The professionals can provide that real look of the game to make it appear interesting and delicious.

  • Animals

    There are many children, who just love to play with animals and related toys all the time. There are cuddly animals like pandas, teddy bears, puppies, kittens, etc. that are adored. The dessert can be shaped in the form of these animals and natural colours added to make them realistic.

  • Animated characters

    Majority of the children do love to watch cartoons like Spiderman, superman, Mickey Mouse, Shin Chan, Barbie and the like. They can be surprised by coming out with a character based dessert. Discussing with the professional bakers can help to bring out the characters in the cake and to make it interesting for the birthday party.

  • Edible photographs

    There has been witnessed increased demand for desserts having images on them. These photographs created on the cakes are made from edible ink and are completely safe to be consumed by everyone. The photograph can be perhaps of the child or about anything that the child desires for.

  • Customization of the dessert

    The child can be allowed to customize his/her own cake by asking them to come out with their imagination on a piece of paper. The professional bakers can bake cake that will be just a replica of the design.

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