Five reasons why women love chocolates

December 31st, 2019

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More than 90% women are madly and deeply in love with chocolates. A woman’s joy knows no bounds when she is surprised with a bouquet of her favorite chocolates even if it’s in the form of a chocolate pizza UK. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries can be made extra special by gifting your loved ones with a chocolate hamper. If you possess mastery over baking skills, you can make homemade chocolates which can go a long way to profess your love for your female partner. Below we look into five reasons why chocolates are loved by women so dearly.

Source of energy- The presence of caffeine and the bromine in chocolates significantly boosts the energy levels. The darker the chocolates, the more the energy it provides. So after a long tiring day when you may want to have an energy drink or some coffee, try having a slab of chocolate. It is a natural energy giver that helps release endorphins for a quick rejuvenation of the body and mind.

Source of happiness- Chocolates when consumed releases endorphins in the brain, making them feel blissful. Chocolate consists of a number of compounds which contains chemicals that help lift the mood and relieve stress. Chocolate also has a small quantity of phenylethylamine which is an antidepressant. Chocolate is hence referred to as a ‘happiness drug’ by many. So whenever you feel low and depressed, go and grab a bar of chocolate.

Mood enhancer- Women suffer from frequent mood swings especially at a time of her periods,post natal and pre natal hormonal changes. Chocolates are said to enhance mood and balance these fluctuations chemically. The hormonal levels in women keep on varying which results in physical,mental, and emotional changes and fluctuations. To keep the hormones in control it is advised to eat chocolates. Chocolate also releases serotonin in the brain, a neurotransmitter which is in charge of giving you a good mood and proper sleep and reduces depression and anxiety.

Taste- Chocolates are uniquely delicious and intoxicating. Once you fall in love with the taste of chocolates there is no escape from it. No wonder we have so many chocoholics all round us. You will want it more and more. Be it a chocolate pizza or a fruit and nut chocolate bar,each has its own special taste and crunchiness. Overall, taste, texture, fragrance and wrapping style make chocolate very tempting and attractive to women.

Unique ways of having chocolate- There are various ways of consuming chocolate. You can have a chocolate slab or a chocolate cake.Chocolate pizza delivery UK is a favorite of many. You can add a splash of chocolates in any dessert to make it delicious. Liquid chocolate can be used to decorate an ice-cream or a pudding.You can enjoy a hot chocolate pancake or a simple chocolate ice cream.

For women, chocolates have always been very special for the above reasons. A chocolate in mouth is said to be a ‘moment of pure delight’.

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