Earn Money with Homemade Christmas Hampers

June 30th, 2015

Each year Christmas comes at the end of the year, and the spirit of the western world reaches at its top. Every person looks for the perfect presents for their loved ones and usually pays a high price for them. However, these fancy looking gift hampers can also be prepared at home for fulfilling the purpose of gifting them to someone and also can be used to earn a fortune at this time of the year.

Coming up with creative ideas and making them possible isn’t a very tough job, there are gift items that are easily available at different shops that can be bought and put together to come up with a beautiful looking gift hamper that is presentable to others. By following some of the important steps, one can make a gift hamper costing $100 in just $40 or so.

The first step is to select a hamper in which all the content can be arranged beautifully, it is not necessary to buy a wooden basket; one can also purchase different kinds of boxes from several shops. They can differ in shapes and can also come in a variety of colors according to the personality of the recipient. These boxes and baskets are easily found at garden shops, craft shops, charity shops and even at pound shops. It is recommended for one to purchase a basket that is smaller in size so that little amount of items is required to fill it and also they will be forcefully arranged in the basket, which will make them look fuller and upright.

The next step is to add some filling in the chosen containers, for both gifting and selling purposes one should purchase a pack hamper fillings that come in cellophane and other materials and are found in very cheap prices. Also if a person has electric shredder at their home, they can come up with multicolored shreds to fill the hamper with. They give a very colorful and lively look to the hamper and make its presentation look even better. Make sure that the container is filled with these shreds to the point where they can easily hold the gifting items in it and don’t make them fall out of the basket.

The third and most important step is to look for different products that are to be gifted or sold to the other people. The first thing to keep in mind is the personality of the people and what they would like to pay for. For instance, chocolates are loved by everyone so that can be added, a piece of jewelry item can be added, perfumes, beauty products, bottle of wine, tea and coffee, teddy bear and a lot more items can be added to the hamper in order to make it look fuller and useful.

Last but not the least is the decoration of the hamper, this part is important as it makes the first impression of the overall product. The hamper can be wrapped up with different colored packaging, and with the use of satin ribbons. Once done, the hampers is ready for the Christmas hamper next day delivery to your customer or relative. So why not utilize your creative skills to something profitable this Christmas and earn an extra buck?