Double Your Love For Chocolates

March 21st, 2016

Chocolates are undoubtedly one of the most loved foods in the world. Earlier, there was a misconception that eating chocolates can increase the fat content in our body. It is also said to promote obesity, high blood pressure, diseases associated with arteries and diabetics. Prior to the discovery of chocolate benefits, physicians also warned their patients to avoid having chocolates for these reasons. However, the recent discoveries of chocolate benefits make you go “wow”. Here under, we present you the lesser known advantages of having chocolates.

Exercise recovery:

After a strenuous workout, there are good chances that your muscles can be depleted. When you supplement you diet with chocolates before work out, you can recover rapidly in your post work out sessions. Within 15 minutes of chocolate intake, you can increase the levels of plasma glucose significantly. So, what are you still waiting for? Send chocolates by post to your body building friend!

Promotes anti-tumor effects:

Recent studies have concluded that regular consumption of chocolates can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in our body. However, the anti cancer mechanism in this context is yet to be discovered.

Effects on neurons:

Cocoa intake can enhance the blood flow to the cerebral region of the brain. It is suggested that the conditions like stroke and dementia can be treated by cocoa. It can also enhance the cognitive performance. Including chocolate in our diet can help us to reduce the chances of heart stroke.

Good for obese people:

Much to the surprise of all the people, it is found in an experiment that chocolates help us to lose weight! DNA analysis of liver and mesenteric fat tissue cells relieve that chocolates can decrease the fat content.

Relieves stress:

Chocolates promote alertness and relive stress in our body. In a study it was found that prolonged consumption of chocolate has lowered the stresses parameters among adults. The ingredients present in chocolate promote the production of serotonin, which has a reputation as calming neurotransmitter. So, when you are having a busy day, order a chocolate UK to make your day better.

Retards platelet activation:

The affects of cocoa on platelets is similar to that of aspirin. The ingredients in chocolate inhibit clot formation. Apart from decreasing platelet aggregation, it also lowers adhesion. Chocolates with higher concentration of procyanidin are capable of lowering the leukotrienes levels and boost the production of prostacyclin in our body.

Effect on blood vessels:

Various studies suggest that chocolates can increase the endothelial NO and serum NO levels. The presence of the anti-oxidants is stated as the key reason behind this.

Control blood pressure:

In a recent study, it is concluded that regular consumption of cocoa can lower the blood pressure. Dark chocolate is capable of reducing the systolic blood pressure. The mechanism behind these antihypertensive effects of chocolate is yet to be discovered.  It is believed that chocolate can promote the bioavailability of nitric oxide.

Much to the reader’s surprises, the chocolates on the other hand can also result in potential health risks. The presence of theo-bromine in chocolates can cause heart burn. This same compound is also said to relax the oesophageal sphincter muscle. Such kind of an action can result in leakage of stomach acidic contents into oesophagus. A few children are also found allergic to chocolates.