DIY Ideas for Mother’s Day

May 14th, 2019

Mother’s day is just around the corner and for some of you might be wondering which gift would make your mom the most happy. There are a lot of things that you can gift your mother, but something that you make yourself is way more personal and it would be appreciated way more than any other gift you get her. It is also suitable for people who are running low on cash right now.

You can also opt for fresh Mother’s day fruit baskets online. They are a healthy snack that your mom will love. Otherwise if you feel like you gave the time, then you can create some jewellery or some products to pamper herself. Preparing her favourite food is another great option. Here are a few ideas that you can implement:

Pampering gifts

  • Lip balm– homemade lip balm is quite easy to make and it will protect your mom from the pain of chapped and dry lips. You will just need beeswax, liquid oil and some essential oil. You can choose avocado oil, castor oil, olive oil or coconut oil for the liquid oil part. If you want her lips to feel extremely smooth then you should go with castor oil. Sweet orange, lime, lemon, spearmint, peppermint and vanilla essential oils are great for both taste and scent. You can whichever is your mom’s favourite.
  • Bath salts– who doesn’t enjoy bath salts! It is highly likely that your mom loves taking luxurious baths then your custom made bath salts will definitely make her extremely happy. You can make bath salts by pouring two cups of Epsom salt in an airtight container and adding essential oils to it. Then you just have to close the lid and shake it well so that the essential oil gets coated by all the salt. Different essential oils will have different effects, so you need to choose them carefully. You can also choose to add food colouring to it to make them colourful.
  • Coupon book– this is one of the best ideas. You can make a coupon book from which your mom will be able to choose things that she would want from you. You can write down household chores, massages and even events like movie night together.


If you already have a jewellery maker then you are in luck. You can make some intricate jewellery for your mom easily. Otherwise you can still opt for make easy and simple designed rings, necklaces and even earrings. You can make them with wire, beads and even shells.


Everyone in this world loves eating their favourite foodstuffs. That is why you should choose to buy Mother’s day fruit baskets online as they are healthy as well as tasty. Otherwise, you can serve her breakfast in bed. Cooking for her a special dinner or yummy sweets will also excite her.

You can get crafty and make her any number of unique items that you think she will appreciate. A memory jar filled with small notes of happy or funny memories with her or a book filled with reasons why you love and appreciate her are some of the things that your mom will surely love.

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