Chocolate: Some interesting fun facts to know

May 6th, 2019

Chocolates are considered to be among the most purchased and consumed edible items all over the world. This is one product that is found in different varieties and simply enjoyed by all ages. This edible delicious item can be given on all occasions and for all purposes and to anyone without any hesitation. They do make excellent gifts and can be given with flowers, cards and other items.

Some fun filled facts to know about chocolates

There are numerous reasons for people to buy chocolates online and gift it to someone known. The facts about chocolate are really wonderful and weird. With hundreds of varieties easily available, it becomes real tough to know which one is to be selected to be a part of the gift hamper. The interesting facts are given below:

  • Cacao beans were first used by the Mayans as currency. They were of the belief that it was much more valuable when compared to gold dust, and hence, had full control over the bean production. This ensured that their currency did not depreciate in value.
  • The biggest fans in buying and consuming chocolates are the Europeans. They account for about half of the globally produced chocolate consumption.
  • White chocolate actually is not strictly a chocolate. It is rather a misapprehension. Chocolate is said to contain cocoa solids in it. However, white chocolate does not include anything like it in it. Cocoa butter is rather used in its production.
  • Toblerone brand is quite popular across the globe, such that the bar quantity that is sold every year if kept in a row, might stretch to about 62,000 km, which is much more than Earth’s circumference.
  • The largest chocolate bar that has been produced till date was in the U.K and was the creation of Thornton’s to celebrate its centenary. Weighing around 5,792.50 kg., it is states to be a record breaker.
  • Theobromine is found in chocolate that is termed to be a powerful stimulant. Consuming in excess might prove to be fatal. But this will require the person to consume approximately 22 pounds of this stuff and that too in a single sitting, which is almost impossible. Theobromine poisoning might cause heart failure, seizures, acute kidney damage and dehydration.
  • One of the most adored is the chocolate chip cookies. It was an accidental discovery in 1930. Ruth Wakefield had run shortage of cooking chocolates, but remains undeterred. She started to use chocolate pieces in the biscuit dough. Chocolate used was Nestles. Later, she sold the recipes to this company to receive free lifetime chocolate supply.
  • Majority of the cocoa in the world is said to be derived from West Africa and 40% of the world’s supply comes from Cote d’lvoire.
  • Pound of chocolate is said to comprise of 400 cocoa beans. Approximately 2,500 beans are produced by a cacao tree.

One can plan to send chocolates uk of their choice, since there exist numerous varieties and brands in the market.