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Why Do Fruit Baskets Act as a Great Gift?

July 2nd, 2021

Gifts are an essential part of a person’s life that will help them to stay motivated. Every occasion celebration is incomplete if he/ she doesn’t receive any gift from their dear one. Nowadays, it is seen that people are becoming more health-conscious towards their health. Don’t worry if you want to gift someone a healthy gift on their special day; the fruit basket will be perfect for almost any occasion. It is a healthier way to celebrate important days. I am sure your dear ones will surely appreciate your healthier gift over sweets or chocolates.

There are some of the wonderful advantages of gifting fruit baskets as gifts are given below:

  • Fruit baskets can be customized: It might be a very difficult task to choose the best gift for your friend. Moreover, when you come up with the idea of baskets, it can become more difficult as the person might face issues in selecting different gifts to be put in the basket. In such a case, to go for the fruit baskets and in that the person can add all the fruits that are liked by the recipient. Surely this gift will become very memorable.
  • Fruit baskets are delicious: All types of fruits are very delicious and sweet. Some freshly plucked strawberries, cherries, etc., will be mouth-watering. Even there might be different seasonal fruits that might add to the taste bud of the person. So going for the bunch of the fruits baskets will be a delicious gift.
  • Fruit bouquets are the host’s dream: Fruit baskets can even help the person hosting the party. The basket will have different fruits that can be immediately sliced off without any hassle and served to the guests. Even these fruits can be consumed as a dessert after having a heavy dinner. So this way, your gift will be utilized and remembered at the same time.
  • Fruit baskets multitask: Not only the fruit baskets are a healthy option, but they are also cost-effective ones. This basket can grab the centre of attraction of the different people in the market as it will stand out differently. The person stores the fruits in the refrigerator to void them from becoming stale. 
  • Can give sweet touch: There might be some people that love eating different types of chocolates. What if the person sends some exotic fruits dipped in chocolate? This will become a great combination to your taste buds, and even it will be a good option for the person with diabetes issues.
  • Memorable gift: Fruit basket is a unique gift that will undoubtedly become very memorable. You can gift to any person who is dear to you on almost any occasion. It is a certain type of gift that can fit in any occasion like birthday, graduation, marriage, etc. 

If you are still confused about what to gift your dear one, surely go for the fruit basket from Express Gift UK. It is an online platform that will provide a wide variety of gift items that can be delivered to different areas of the UK. For more information, you can easily check out their website.

Fruit Baskets As An Amazing Gift Option And Who They Should Be Gifted To

June 30th, 2021

Fruit baskets as a gift option-

If you are looking for a gift item for someone who is a fan of meditation, aromatherapy, fitness, and a holistic lifestyle, then options can be really limited. Thankfully, this job is difficult, not impossible. There are many wellness gifts that can be given to people who love to or choose to invest in their health and wellbeing.

Also, the gifting season is coming up, so it’s a good idea to start shopping early before the rush begins. When you hit the market, you will be stunned to see the wide variety in which effective wellness gifts are available. Starting from snacks to munch on to sleep aids to help relax- there is simply no end to what you can find. If, however, you want to present pure health, then consider gifting fruit baskets.

Fruit baskets are gift hampers that make great gifts for people who value health more than anything else. A fruit basket can also be a great gift idea for someone who loves fruits. A fruit basket is healthier than junk food and can be enjoyed guilt-free!

Whom can you give a fruit basket to?

  • College goers- They are known for being poor eaters. College students are often not getting the right nutrition, especially during stressful times like exams. Proper nutrition will help them excel in their studies. To show your support and love, gift them fruit baskets stuffed with fresh fruits and healthy snacks. Fruit baskets can be eaten, so they won’t take up space in their cramped PG or hostel rooms like other unnecessary gifts items do.
  • Business stakeholders and employees- It can be difficult to find the right gift for someone in your business. There are no clear guidelines in business that will dictate what gifts and what price ranges are appropriate. Instead of trying to determine who gets what gift, send a fruit basket. Fruit baskets are a great way to convey good wishes to new clients and old business contacts. Fruit baskets can also be shared easily within the company, so that everyone can enjoy the gift.
  • Elderly people and your near and dear ones- You will often find yourself overwhelmed by all the labour that goes into searching for gift items best suited for this category of people. This can indeed become a problem, especially if a concerned elderly is too old. Fruit baskets are a great alternative to buying gifts that only eat up space unnecessarily or go unutilized. Fruit baskets make a wonderful gift for elderly relatives, friends, and neighbours alike.
  • Dieters-There is no better way than gifting a fruit basket to support someone who has just started a healthier lifestyle or is already working towards achieving their health goals. Fruit baskets can help with the temptation of sweets and chocolates. This gift item also offers encouragement to a person who has decided to eat healthier.

These are some really amazing reasons why fruit baskets are the best gift option to give. And now, you also know who this gift is best suited for. So, what makes you wait? Place an order for a fruit basket right away and offer a pleasant surprise to someone you love.

Dried Fruit Basket for a Nutritious Treat

May 3rd, 2021

Dehydrated or dried fruit hampers do make excellent gifts for all occasions. You can present them to your beloved one or as a corporate gift. Such hampers allow you to snack on your choice of fruits even after the peak season. Fruits are imported from different parts of the world and thanks to greenhouses, you can now enjoy exotic fruits throughout the year. Perhaps, such fruits may not be easily available in your region or could be quite costly and beyond your budget. Dehydrated fruit hamper can be purchased for any occasion and at any time of the year, irrespective of the fruits are available in the local market.

Special message

The dried fruit Basket helps convey your desired message to someone special you are presenting it to. It shows how much you care for the recipient’s health and well-being. Such gifts also allow them to enjoy consuming their choice of dried fruits along with their family members, friends or relatives. These hampers when gifted show how much the recipient means to the giver. It also is enjoyed and consumed whenever desired. There are available variety of fruit hampers of different sizes and fruits. Some baskets have fresh fruits in them and other dried fruits. The hamper containing dried fruits are likely to last for a very long time when compared to fresh fruits. Fresh ones tend to spoil very quickly and have to be consumed immediately. 

Healthy snack

Dried fruit hampers do provide sweet, but healthy snack that is desirable for overall well-being of people of all ages. Drying of fruit helps bring out natural sugar present in the fruit, thus offering sweeter snack. Such baskets can also be gifted to those trying to recover from illness or surgical procedure or is in hospital. Dried fruits being full of sweet are devoid of all those unwanted calories and fat. This is something contained in various form of sweet snacks available in the market like brownies and cakes. 

Amazing gifts for students

Students are busy with their studies such that they hardly get time to eat. This automatically ruins their health. Dried fruit hampers can be a wonderful gift for such students as it allows them to have a snack that is completely healthy and also eliminate acid formation in their stomach. Moreover, being sun-dried and eliminated of its water content, these fruits do not require further refrigeration. 

Dehydrated fruits do offer essential nutrition even when going out for a hiking trip or long walk. It can be taken along on any adventurous expedition or a hunting trip. Women, men and children are sure to love such gifts. Hence, it will be a worthwhile investment and makes amazing gifts for all occasions. 

Such hampers do offer excellent source of carbohydrate snack, generally found to be low in fat. You can easily find every type of fruit grown on earth in dried form. Each fruit tends to come with its unique, remarkable benefits.

Five Things to Remember While Choosing an Online Fruit Basket

April 24th, 2021

For long, Fruit baskets have been used as a gift item. It is one of the healthiest gifts appreciated by almost everyone and is easy and quick to choose. Sending thank you fruit baskets to a friend who has helped you in some way is a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation. Getting thank you fruit baskets delivered to your business associates makes it a memorable gift too. Nowadays, with online stores, you can easily send a fruit basket to anyone irrespective of where they live. However, there are few things to consider while selecting an online fruit basket, five of which are listed below.

Recipient’s preference: Firstly, you need to keep in mind while selecting an online fruit basket for your friend is his or her preferences in fruits. Not everyone likes to eat all types of fruits. Some may not like a particular fruit due to its taste, or they may be allergic to it. In such a case, the fruit hamper you choose must include fruits that the recipient loves to eat or is permitted to eat. You must avoid putting the ones which he or she dislikes or is debarred from eating due to health issues.

The delivery-the second important thing to consider while choosing an online fruit basket is to know how much time it would take to deliver the fruit basket to its destination. If it takes too long to deliver, say a week or so, you should consider fruits, which are not easily perishable and last long. In addition, make sure the packing is done in such a way that soft fruits like grapes or berries are not squeezed easily. The fruit basket must be delivered in time so that the recipient receives the fruit hamper on his special day or event.

Types of fruits- adding different types of fruits make the fruit basket colourful and attractive. Sometimes, a fruit basket’s appearance and beauty are enough to revive the spirits of a sick or grieving friend. A variety of fruits also make the fruit hamper versatile and attractive to the eye.

Size of the basket- the size of the basket is determined by the number of people the fruit basket is to be delivered to. If it is for one single person, it should be a small fruit basket. If it is for a family consisting of many people, it should be a big fruit hamper so that everyone can enjoy and relish the fruits.

Arrangement of the fruits– the way the fruit basket is arranged plays an important role when choosing a fruit basket for online delivery. You can increase the beauty of the fruit basket by arranging the fruits creatively and attractively. In addition, you can make the fruit basket aesthetically pleasing by decorating it with fancy and colourful bows, flowers, and ribbons.                                        

Fruit baskets can be delivered to anyone no matter how far they stay. The fruit baskets make the recipients special day merrier and would be cherished by her/him for a lifetime.

A Touch of Exotic Fruits Forms the Best Corporate Hampers!

April 5th, 2021

We have often heard that a person working in a corporate sector sends corporate fruit baskets to their clients. Isn’t it a bit weird? Yes. It is. However, sending corporate fruit baskets is also a part of the corporate rules and etiquette. You might be wondering what is there in a fruit basket that plays such an integral role in corporate affairs? An assorted fruit basket forms a unique corporate gift for many clients and helps establish a long-lasting business relation.

A Peek inside the Fruit Basket

There is a fine line of difference between the usual fruit baskets and the corporate fruit baskets. The general fruit baskets enhance the bond between friends and family members. However, the corporate fruit baskets strengthen the business relationship. It indirectly helps to enhance the economic background of a particular company in some way or the other.

However, there is a deep hidden meaning associated with the corporate fruit baskets. Usually, the corporate fruit boxes have crafts that maintain cordial business relations. These specially designed fruit hampers house some assorted fruits. The fruits may be seasonal or native to another land. However, the companies that design the fruit boxes keep in mind the inclusion the exotic seasonal fruits in the fruit boxes. Each fruit depicts the uniqueness of a particular season or bears the name of the native land. They represent a hamper that sets a class among people, and nothing can compare to the uniqueness of exotic fruits inside the fruit boxes.

Chief Features Associated with Corporate Fruit Boxes

The Ultimate Signature Box

The signature fruit box narrates the success story of many business houses. The corporate fruit box consists of the A-grade quality of the fruits in sufficient numbers. The size of the fruits gives rise to sophisticated edible pieces. The signature box contains almost all the signature fruits of daily use but in an attractive manner. The box comprises fruits like apples, oranges, and grapes.

Touch of the Exotic Fruits

In addition to the fruits of daily use, the corporate fruit boxes have the touch of seasonal fruits in them. Suppose you are giving a corporate fruit box during the summers to one of your business clients. This box will contain a majority portion of the seasonal fruits like melons, peaches, litchis, and citrus fruits. However, if the same corporate fruit box appears as a corporate gift during winters, the box will contain specifically fruits like apples, oranges, and various berries. Among the varieties of berries, the popular ones like raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries can win hearts. The apricots and avocados are some of those unusual fruits in India that find application in the corporate fruit boxes.

send all fruit basket online is now hassle-free. You can browse through the website delivering the corporate fruit boxes and place your order as per the requirements. Your corporate fruit box will be at your doorstep within a short period. It is also a cost-effective solution to impress business clients in a sustainable package.