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Tips To Send Flowers Long Distance

November 9th, 2017

Sending flowers to a loved one is a great way to let them know how much you care. It will surely brighten up his/ her day. Presenting flowers to loved ones living nearby may be easy, but sending flowers to those far away can be a challenge.

 While it is easy to contact the store of a local florist and place the order for an arrangement, some of your loved ones may be far away from the delivery area of the florist. But don’t lose heart-there may be other modes to send flowers long distance and you can ensure that flowers be simply beautiful, spectacular and win the recipient’s heart.

For long distance shipping, you may need the following:

  • Mobile phone
  • Telephone directory/ yellow pages/ online directories
  • Access to internet
  • Debit/ credit cards
  • Fax machine
  • Address of recipient.

How To Order

An order may be placed via online mode. You can pay the florist through the net and flowers may be delivered at any global destination. For instance, you can achieve the task of sending flowers to Pakistan from anywhere.

Some florists specialize in taking online orders. Their staff in the local area will deliver the flower bunch in person to the recipient. Because payment is completed instantly via credit card, the florists often offer delivery, the same day. This is a popular method as you can enjoy online the pictures of flowers you send and be informed about services offered by the florist. You can even browse through reviews of the florist from past customers.

 Another option is to order via smartphone or mobile. You can make payment using debit/credit cards to the florist without really visiting their premises. Another idea is to place an order using fax. Orders for flower arrangements can be sent by fax to the florist. He will get in touch to arrange for payment and to assure the accuracy of your order.

If nothing else, pay a visit to the florist. Order flowers for the sake of your loved one. Thanks to shipping services like FedEx and UPS, shipping of flowers is very much possible. In case florists are national retailers, it may possess shops which can complete the order in any location and do delivery of the flower arrangement in that location.

You can even arrange for someone like a friend to take delivery of a flower arrangement from the local florist and this can save shipping fees. Or else, find a delivery service in the locality. In case florist does not deliver in a particular location, there might be services that will do the delivery for a price. Worst comes to worst, request the recipient to pick up the flowers herself. You can still retain an element of surprise by not revealing who they are for until the last minute.

While ordering flowers, keep in mind that they are seasonal. Try and choose the favorite flowers of the recipient but remember that the season has a great impact on their availability.

 The key is to plan much ahead of sending a bunch of flowers. Long distance delivery like orders to send flowers to Pakistan from UK needs preparation in advance. So if you are thinking about occasions like Eid or even a birthday, make early plans.

Long distance relationships – exchange gifts frequently

July 29th, 2016

Luckily, long distance relationships nowadays are not as difficult as they used to be. Until the last century, a long distance relationship meant burning a hole in your pocket to make a call or waiting for the post-man to come and deliver the note from your beloved. With advancement in technology, everything is simple and easy now. Distance now is only a number. With so many video calling applications etc, you two are always connected. Plus, gifts like fruit hampers, or accessory hampers are always available to send across to your loved one. Sending gifts is easier than it could ever be. Here are a few tips to make a long distance relationship a successful one.

Know the limits of communication. Too much of communication, or too less of it, both are harmful. While you should communicate on a daily basis and check on each other, it is also important to keep in mind that too much communication only causes unwanted misunderstandings. Your other one needs space at times and you should give them.

fruit hampers

In case you can, you should go and visit each other as often as possible. While phone calls and video calls do keep you connected, meeting in person is altogether different. Walking together hand in hand makes you feel like you actually are in a real relationship.

Even when you are not together, you can do things together, thanks to technology. You can have your meals at the same time in front of a video call, or go shopping at the same time.

Honesty is the best policy. Be honest to one another. This is the most essential thing in a long distance relationship. Keeping secrets within you will only make you feel trapped. So why not share them all instead?

You can, at times, write them mails. For this, you do not need to be William Shakespeare or Lord Byron. You just need to pour out your feelings in the simplest words possible. Such small things matter a lot in a long distance relationship.

Drop them a beautiful text once they are off to sleep, so that when they wake up in the morning, the message becomes main reason for their smile all day long.

Send across gifts. As often as you can. This does not mean you need to send across expensive gifts. Send gifts which show your concern towards them. For example, you can send fresh fruit hampers to make sure they eat their fruits after dinner. Or Maybe a book they’ve been longing to read.

Learn new things together – maybe you two can join some online classes together where you together learn the same thing. This will give the feeling of you two being together and being tied up.

Is it very important to be understanding in a long distance relationship? You cannot behave impatient. Say, if the phone battery of your partner has drained out or when their internet connection goes off, these are the times you need to be patient and not jump to any wrong conclusions out of possessiveness.

Follow these simple tips and stand out as a good example of a happy long distance relationship.

5 rare occasions to send fruit baskets

May 23rd, 2016

Have you ever been in a situation when you feel like celebrating the moment and making it special?

We all somewhere go through such situations where we want to do something special for our loved ones to make them feel extraordinary and to enhance the joyful feelings they have. There are many occasions in life that need celebration or the moments of happiness that cannot go away without sending a gift for your loved one. Some occasions are not announced or celebrated properly, but only shared happily among the family members.

We have usually seen celebrations for Birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, or Christmas. However, you can make any other occasion special just by making a little move of sending a fruit hamper for your loved one. Fruit baskets have been very popular gift item and they have been making gracious gifts on all lavish occasions. So here we will tell you about some occasions that are rarely celebrated but can be enjoyed by having luscious fruit baskets.

Thinking of You

This is the time when you are thinking about someone very special and missing them and suddenly you have that urge to meet or at least talk to them. Considering the time and distance factor, you can always make a fascinating fresh fruits basket delivery to your loved one’s doorstep, tagged with a ‘Thinking of You’ card. Isn’t it a great way to astonish your recipient with a loving thought of sending a fruit basket just because thinking about them makes you happy?

Fruit Basket

Just Because…

Sometimes words become extinct to express that feeling that you both share. You do not have any specific word to name that moment or relation but you just want to enjoy it with your loved one. So celebrate that sweet moment and convert it into pleasurable memories with Just because fruit baskets. There can be multiple reasons of just because them being in your life or just because their happiness is most important to you.

Pregnancy Announcement

Usually the moment is announced as a private celebration with few family members. So why not give the mum-to-be some nutritious gift which she will need a lot. Sending a fruit basket to someone who is expecting with a baby is a great way to compliment the mommy. It shows your concern for her health, her baby’s growth and also represents the joy of the occasion.

New Job/ Promotion

For the person who is promoted to a higher position or who got a wonderful opportunity to advance in his career, it matters a lot if someone celebrates their success. Sending a freshly plucked fruits basket would certainly motivate them for the bright future and would encourage them to continue towards the path of growth.


When someone gets a new home, it is the biggest moment of their life because it might be one of their life’s milestones. Hence, you should really celebrate with them their accomplishment of getting a new house by having fruits hamper. It is a symbol of spreading love, happiness and fill colors of joy in their new home.