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Ways to make desserts healthier for your guests and you!

August 23rd, 2016

One of the biggest challenges people face when they are gearing up for any social event or a family get-together is that they need to decide on a menu that will be suitable to all yet delicious and sumptuous. Some people may prefer eating a simple salad without any dressings or cream, while some must have succulent slices of chicken or lamb cooked in the best sauces or oils for their dinner. So, how do you manage to balance the scale and keep everyone happy? The best option would be to make a menu that has a something for all kinds of food lover. If your main course is going to be a heavy one, then you can opt for light and healthy desserts, or substitute some of the ingredients in your desserts. You can include healthy cakes to be served as after-dinner treats rather than indulging in creamy desserts or eliminate any liquor from the menu to make your event a successful yet healthy one.

cake gifts

Now, if you want some ideas about how to make cakes with healthy ingredients before you plan your next party, then here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Butter – We all know that butter is one of the top ingredients that is used in making almost any kind of cake – right from the humble cup and sponge cakes, to the multi-tiered wedding cakes. But if you want health to take precedence over pure taste, then you can opt for a healthy substitute to butter – olive oil. Did you know that there can be delicious cakes prepared with olive oil, such as Jamie Oliver’s famous polenta and apple cake? Do remember that olive oil needs to be used much lesser than butter and it’s boiling point is much lower than that of butter.
  • All-purpose flour – Another chief ingredient that must be used in making cakes, there are plenty of options that you can choose from now-a-days in this section too. Make sure you head to the healthy section of your supermarket and select from flours that are made of wholegrains or that are free of gluten. Apart from being used in cakes, they can also be used in cookies, and the chief grains used are maize, potato, ice, and tapioca flours.
  • Vegetables – The days of side-lining these powerhouses of nutrients and flavours are over! The next time you are sending cake gifts to your friends, you can include long-lasting desserts such as cupcakes as gifts that are made up of vegetables primarily. Apart from carrots, there are other vegetables too that are loved by gourmet chefs in their cakes, such as beetroot, parsnip, courgettes, and a combination of chocolates and beetroots.

Desserts, like other staple food, are subject to a lot of cultural and health concepts. Experimenting with them can be a rewarding thing if you do it right! Be sure to check out other healthy ingredients that you can use, such as fruit slices and healthy frostings instead of using regular ones such as cheese and buttercream. If baking seems tough, you can order for cake delivery in UK also.