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Essential Tips to Deliver Birthday Cakes Successfully

January 11th, 2018

Do you want to send a birthday cake to your mother in your hometown? That can be a bit stressful. After all, a delicate item like cake has to be packed and delivered in a way so that it remains the same as you saw it inside the showcase. Again if you want to taste the cake, made by your mom on Christmas and want it to have while you are far away from her, you can mail her your desire. She will make every effort to bake the best cake and decorate it as you preferred. Now, sending birthday cakes by post-UK can be tricky. If you maintain certain tips, it is possible to deliver it as it is. Read on to know more about the tips-

  1. Make Your Plan Ahead

While you are planning to send a birthday cake to your dear one, you need to plan ahead. Before contacting the bakery and the cake designers, you should talk to the courier service who are expert in delivering cake effectively. There are certain things you need to consider before ordering cake delivered the UK

  • Do you know the location?
  • How much time does it take to reach that location?
  • Can the cake be delivered at rush hour?
  • Are there any alternate routes?

Once you have answers to all these questions, you can contact the perfect cake delivery companies.

  1. Prepare Your Cake for Posting

You can send any kind of food items including cakes through posting. But, sending cakes is a bit challenging as it comes with decoration and icing. You have to make sure that those things won’t get misplaced while sorting at courier center. The best thing will be to send non-decorated cakes. If you are planning tiered cakes, send all parts separately and tell the receiver to arrange them. Sending fruitcakes through the posting is one of the best things you can do while delivering birthday cakes.

  1. Pick the Perfect Style of Packaging

To post a cake, you can pick a sturdy corrugated box. You should buy a box that perfectly fits your cake and also the padding on each side of it. Don’t forget to use bubble wrapping to wrap your cake. If you find any gaps in the box, fill those up with polystyrene chips. You can also place crunched up newspaper to set the cake inside the box. If you run a cake delivery business from home and wants to deliver several numbers of cakes at a time, you can buy cake holders and packaging inserts that can keep the cake at a place inside the packaging without disturbing the shape. When you become sure that the cake is secured inside the box, you can tape the box tightly and label it.

With these easy tips, delivering birthday cake has become easier. If you run a home bakery and get regular orders to send cakes, or you are posting birthday cakes for your dear ones, these methods will really come handy. Try from the next time.

Cakes – For your every special celebration!

September 15th, 2017

The cake is a form of bread or bread like food. It is a sweet baked dessert loved by everyone. It has a great history, the Greeks made it from the goat’s milk. Basic bread dough was enriched with butter, eggs, and honey. Cakes add the beauty in your special eve. The bread melts in your mouth and a creamy taste will give you an amazing experience. There are lots of types of the cakes.

Cakes are not just only for birthday eve but also for many other special occasions. It can be a wedding, anniversary, reception, Christmas, New Year, friend ship day, valentine day and even cakes don’t need any occasion anymore. There are cakes for expressing your appreciation, means thank you cakes and cakes for congratulating your loved one.

Wedding Cakes: What can be more perfect than a beautiful and a special cake on such a big event the wedding celebration? Nowadays everyone prefers or wants an attractive cake to celebrate their new beginning of life with a new relation. There are a number of designs of the cake with a yummy taste. Most preferred and most common wedding cakes are red velvet cakes with a couple statues at the top of the cake.

Birthday cakes: A birthday party is not a birthday party without a special cake. It is one of the most precious things in any kind of celebration especially when it comes to a birthday party. It does not matter that whose birthday is this, everybody loves cakes.  It is a great way to show care and love. Birthday cake makes a perfect environment for a party and adds fun and joy. Get anytime thank-you cake delivery at the home by placing an order online.

Anniversary Cakes: If you are planning to throw an anniversary party, you must choose a good cake which will surely make your party more special. A unique cake can attract lots of people. Your anniversary cake symbolizes the love and strong bond between you and your wife. This is the most trending way to celebrate your love life.

Valentine Day Cake: It is a great way to celebrate your special day with your special person and with the sweetness of a cake. You can add something special to a beautiful pic of yours or a love message. This can be very romantic and can make your partner feel so special. A red colored cake in a shape of the heart can be a good choice.

Festival cakes: Many people celebrate the festival with the creamy taste of cakes. There are festivals such as Christmas, New Year, Diwali and much more which are usually celebrated with cakes.

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Cakes: you may be a person who does not know how to express your feelings to your parents so the cake is a good option. Type a letter along with it. Get some beautiful designs of cake.

Casual Cakes: Actually, a cake does not require any occasion. Cake can be just for passing your message. It can be either a thank-you cake or a sorry cake.

Cakes and their different stories!

July 19th, 2016

A cakeis the best possible dessert one can think of. Previously, it was nothing but a sweet piece of flattened bread, which was enjoyed. Through the years and ages, cake has evolved into something as delicious as it appears to be now. Now, different varieties and flavors are available in cakes. To send sorry cakes online, one can also choose from the available varieties.

There are many things that are related to the history of cake.

History of Cake

Many years ago, Celtic people used to celebrate a festival called Beltane Festival. They used to lit a bonfire on a hilltop and rolled down round shaped cakes from the top of the hill. If the cake does not break, it will bring good fortune; that is what they believed. At present, cutting a wedding cake is a very common ritual. But earlier it was a bit different.  People used to end a wedding ceremony by breaking a big bread loaf on the bride’s head or by simply throwing pieces of bread on her. When a couple invites their friends and relatives in their wedding, they bring a layered cake piled with apple stacks in each layer. The popularity of the couple depends on the number of layers on the cake.

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Cheesecakes have a very ancient origin. It is said that during the first Game of Olympics, cheesecakes were given to the athletes.

Cake has different inventions

  • In ancient Rome, breads were made of honey and milk to make it soft. Later, it was enriched with egg and sugar and was given the name of cake.
  • The word Cake has a Viking origin. Those, who are keen to know about cake delivery online must know the fact that the word cake originally comes from the word Kaka.
  • Sponge cake found its origin in Spain during Renaissance period. The main ingredients were beaten egg, thickened milk and sugar.
  • Cheese cake is an invention of Greece, which was made of goat milk then.
  • French word, gateau (cake) had come into the English Language during the 19th century but was not used for any cake recipe instead it was used for referring to a dish, which was made with meat.

There are some fun facts about cake

  • In Germany, Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated on 11th June.
  • The National Cake Day is on November 26th.
  • The concept of birthday cake came to light in England in the year 1785.
  • The world’s largest wedding cake was made in the year 2004 and it weighed 15,032 lb.
  • In 17th century England, fruit cakes were kept under the pillow of an unmarried. It was believed that this will give them sweet dreams about their fiancé.

For sorry cake delivery, one has to take help of online cake websites, which can take order and deliver the cake at your doorstep or to the given address in a proper time. So, it is easy now to send cakes to your loved ones and make them happy.