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5 Mind-Boggling Birthday Cake Ideas & Tips

February 17th, 2019

The birthday, be it of the son, daughter or the teen or the aged should be celebrated in grand pomp and but cutting the cake. Generally, the birthday party is hosted where friends, neighbours, colleagues and relatives attend. Even though birthdays can be stated to be stressful time, trying to decorate and bake the perfect cake, it is not however, mandatory. There have emerged several online portals that do promote different types, sizes and flavours of cakes for birthdays and other occasions.


Let’s see about the unique ways to celebrate one’s own birthday this year

May 3rd, 2018

We all know what are the incentives one gets on their birthday right? Birthdays are special, irrespective of the age you are in. be it your parents, your siblings, your beloved birthdays will be the most special day to be together and if not together then at least feel the ones. It shows the one year of your growing up and adapting to the various changes. It shows that you have successfully crossed another year of your journey. Birthday is the day when you have come on this planet. This day is the happiest day in your parent’s life too. You feel special on this day as every one wishes you and you get many messages gifts and parties.

Mom makes everything looks so perfect. It is beautiful to see when Mom makes your favorite sweet.   You  should think it a special day but at the same time it is kept in the mind that life is not how long you live but it is about how much good deeds have you done. So make one resolution every year on your birthday and try to fulfill it.  One should get matured year buy year and should analyze himself how much better he is from the last year. You should see how much you have evolved over time.  One should make is special by celebrating is with haves not that would be unique because you know about the haves and have not’s.

Let’s see about the unique ways to celebrate one’s own birthday this year. Sometimes the most of solace is found within yourself and in isolation:

  1. Get personalized birthday cakes for yourself. Treat yourself with the respect and love. Do everything that you expect from others. When you know your worth you know what you deserve too. Be that person in your own life who knows how to love oneself first. Remember only when you can love yourself you can expect that love from someone else too. What you feel you deserve is what you get. This birthday celebrate with your own self, look at the mirror and celebrate growing up, and experiencing one hell of a ride.
  2. Want you treat yourself with some feeling of luxury and royalty? Treat yourself to a spa or a long bubble bath. Go to the salon get some nice hair colour and hair wash, some manicures and pedicures. Take a long drive and enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the breeze and the clouds. Enjoy the air and the bridges. Get yourself some shakes or your food that you can have in a nice location.
  3. Surprise yourself right when its 12 o clock in the midnight. Gift yourself happiness by cakes delivery, for a change see how it feels to surprise yourself. See how it feels to know that you love yourself.
  4. Want to spread happiness and joy on this birthday of yours. Go to an orphanage and distribute some food and clothes to the kids, their smile will shower blessings on you on your birthday.

Enhance Your Relations with Delicious Cakes

December 4th, 2017

Have you ever thought about stirring the kid that is in every adult? Come on, amidst the increasing age, double workloads and so many responsibilities; you are leaving behind your pleasures. It is a time that you bring the life in your relations and friendships. Make your bonds rewarding and cheerful. Your loved ones are going to love you even more once they have the hint that you care for them.

Whether you have your friends and relatives in your city, in your neighborhood or even in another country like the UK; you can always use the options of Birthday cakes delivered UK. Of course, is it your Uncle’s birthday? Have you planned anything special for them? Would you like to make them feel special through your gestures? Hang on; don’t forget the days when he used to visit you to meet you in childhood. Now as he is aging old, you must make him feel remembered and special.

You can make anyone feel loved through your gifts and token of love. For example, you can send them a delicious birthday cake. Once your Uncle gets your cake, he is going to smile through tears. Of course, the happiness is really inexpressible. You can add a special message to the cake. There are so many different kinds of cakes out there that you will never fall short of choices or options. How about a chocolate cake with delicious vanilla design? A chocolate burst cake and similar ones? Be it mango, orange, strawberry, butterscotch or any other flavor; you are going to get everything in cakes.

Worrying about a budget?

Come on, you should not even think about budgets when talking about cakes. Whether you are really rich or a middle-class person; you can find a cake that falls within your budget. There are different sizes, shapes, flavors and Designs available. Scrumptious and elegant cakes do fall in different price ranges. This way, nobody can stay aloof from the magic of these delicious cakes.

You can send your mom a huge cake in the shape of the heart. There are heart-shaped cakes encompassing all the deliciousness and beauty. The designs are absolutely overwhelming and stunning. Even the wordings can be as special as you want them to be. If you know that your mother loves a specific flavor, you can get the cake in that flavor too. This way, whether your mom is living with you or her is in another city or even country; your cake wrapped with love and affection is going to make her feel loved and special.

Stale and Dull?

Do you feel that cakes can get stale and dull? Well, if you are sending cakes to your loved ones, you need not take any tension about such things. The delivered birthday cakes are going to be absolutely fresh and hearty. The deliverers make sure that the cakes reach the destination with utmost delicacy and without any issue.


So, bring merriment in your life with scrumptious cakes and delicious moves. Your friends and loved ones will definitely appreciate your gestures!

Top summer birthday party ideas for kids

October 12th, 2017

Birthday, the name itself brings a wave of happiness, fun, and games in the minds of the kids. It is the best day they have been waiting for throughout the year, which would bring them bundles of gifts, gatherings of friends for going wild, games, cakes, and much more. Along with the changes in the celebration trends, today, the birthdays are also celebrated according to the season or the theme party the birthday kid is interested in.

Does the birthday of your little devil fall on summers! Here are some fun-loving birthday party ideas for your kid to make the day more special for him.

  • Let the town go colorful

This outdoor garden party theme is quite popular for summers. The party is celebrated while the kids play with different colors that make your garden go colorful. For this, make small bags totaling the number of kids in the party filled with organic color powder, and distribute them among the children. When they would start throwing the colors on each other, the wild rumpus would surely give you cool memories.

  • The bonfire parties

Bonfire parties are the heart-throb of the summer birthday ideas. It gives you a chance to spend some quality time outdoors with nature, with friends and families which can be carried out on picnic spots or even in the backyard of homes. You can also get personalized birthday cakes delivered to the party place while you look after the kids, eatables, drinks, games, etc.

  • Luau theme pool party

Love being around the pool! Here is a party theme that would bring you beside the pool with a tropical dressing theme. The party ingredient list includes swimming costumes, grass skirt, beaded jewelry, and lots of pool games to run the party smooth. To add some more blossom to the party, you can also include the hula dance for capturing wonderful moments.

  • Movies with the stars

This party theme would require a complete night to enjoy. The kids in this kind of party are given an open terrace place or the green backyard gardens, where the big screen projector is placed to give them a theatre like an experience. You can use mattresses or place sofa sets for the children to enjoy while they have their snacks, drinks and express birthday cakes while they enjoy under the twinkling stars.

  • The mud fights

Want to make the birthday of your child messy! What would be surprising than the mud fights! Bring them to the muddy forest, and leave them with various fun to play with props inside the forest to make the fight muddier. A place with lots of mud, trees, obstacles, racer runs, etc. would add to the fun. You can also move to theme parks that provide you with all such facilities.

Apart from all these, other summer theme birthday parties ideas include outdoor carnival theme birthday, chocolate slip and slide party, adventure with the nature theme, and much more, that would spice up the day of your kiddo with enjoyment.

Some Creative Tips on Birthday Party

October 12th, 2017

Birthday means spending a wonderful all day long. However, it is obvious to feel boredom to spend each birthday in the same style. If you want to make a special birthday party for your special person, then the following tips can help you:

Cake: The birthday plan is totally incomplete without a cake. Birthday cake is a vital part of birthday party celebration. For that special person, you can make the birthday cake on your own or you can choose birthday cakes delivered UK option for a smooth delivery of a customized birthday cake. You can select the design of the cake as er his/her choice. You can make the birthday cake more special by decorating it with various romantic symbols. A tasteful and colorful cake will enhance the beauty of the whole party.

A Perfect Photo Collage: If you are thinking to plan his/her birthday with only two people that means you and he/she, then skip this idea for a while and think that this event comes in a whole year for only once. If you include the family members and close friends, the enjoyment of the party will be increased by twice or thrice. Therefore, you can plan according to that. Write or print out the alphabets H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y and hang it top of the entrance. For making a lovely collage, pose with him/her and take beautiful pictures. With a help of a professional, a perfect college will be prepared. It will be a perfect gift for him as a birthday gift. You can photo frame this collage as well. If the family and friends reside in distant places, then get them all through the video call setups.

Text Surprise: Most of the people often think about an expensive gift for his/her love but a small yet innovative surprise can make his/her feel so special. You can tell his/her family members, friends, and colleagues to send their birthday wishes and thought of the day and after getting all the messages, print them in the colorful papers. Then, place them in one designer jar and surprise him/her after waking up in the morning. If you wish, you can tell them to write their thoughts in own handwriting, click the pictures and send back to you for printing. You can design a collage with them as well. Capture that glee on his/her face after exploring those thoughts.

Make It Colorful: Purchase a range of Colorful chalks, write your wishes in large and bold letters on the floor, and wall as well. After opening the eyes in that morning, he/she will feel like a king/queen of that day.

Plan the Menu: Birthday menu should be designed by considering his/her choice or you can make something special with which both of you have some special memories. Do not forget to decorate the ice cream according to his/her choice. If you want to book a table for dinner, then make sure you make the booking at his/her favorite place.

If you and your love are staying in the different location, then you can send the cake by birthday cakes by post-UK.