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UK: A Culture of Celebrations and Gifting

June 23rd, 2018

Culture of UK

UK has its own unique and distinct culture. Culturally it’s very rich with its own set of traditions and beliefs. As a nation it is quite remarkable in the fields of music, art, literature, architecture, theatre, cinema, science and technology etc. Being Indians we can understand it better, since India has been ruled by the Britishers for a period of more than 100 years.  The greatest achievement of UK lies in the fact that the whole World knows the language English, and it is the language most spoken and officially used all over the World.

Celebrations in UK

Although Christmas is their main festival, other festivals include New Year’s Day St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween etc. The people of UK are very religious and superstitious as well. Traditions form the core of the people’s lives in Britain.  Celebrations are marked by parties which include friends and relatives along with cakes, cookies, pancakes, puddings which are considered as auspicious for these occasions. Cakes come in different flavors for different festivals though. Easter is a very important festival for them, since they believe that Christ has come back from dead during this time and is marked by the exchange of eggs among friends and relatives. Egg symbolizes new life. Owing to the number of festivals in UK, public holidays are in large numbers in offices.

Gifts in UK

Apart from having a rich cultural heritage, UK also has a standardized gifting pattern reserved for colleagues, friends, relatives etc. Champagne is considered as respectful as a gift. Though gifting of other liquors are also done, but that depends on the type of relation we share with the other party. Any celebration is always backed by having drinks together, be it a birthday party at a pub, or festivals or office launch parties etc. In UK gift hampers are also very commonly used. Infact the whole concept of gift hampers, which is now very common in India has been taken from UK itself. Food hampers such as snacks, chocolate, cakes, are widely used as gifts. Fruit hampers are also very much in place. Now a days, as per customer preferences, customized hampers are also available such as tea hampers, drinks hamper, ready to cook hampers, coffee hampers, soup hampers etc.


British celebrations along with their royal customs and traditions are famous all over the World, which has its mention even in history. When we think of celebrations in Britain, the first thing which comes to our mind are: – a royally decorated auditorium with white and grey flowers, a well arranged buffet alongside, a separate area where packed and decorated gift items are placed, neatly arranged chairs , guests dressed in the most elegant fashion, and so in. Gift hampers in UK are present in every celebration. Even the bride holds a basket of flower during the wedding which is considered auspicious. In birthday parties, small such hampers are arranged to present to people or guests as return gift. UK in spite of being a democratic country, still follows the monarch and their ways of life considering it as benchmark in their lives.

The Cheap Delivery of Wonderful Hampers

February 28th, 2018

When it comes to any gifts we usually wish to give wonderful and good hampers to our beloved ones. This is quite natural. On the other hand, we also wish to deliver the same at a very reasonable rate. However, with the emergence of a wide variety of online shopping websites, it becomes quite easy to deliver a gift to the near and dear ones.

The amazing hampers

It would not be wrong to say that in the present day if you wish then you can get hampers delivered to your dear ones on their special days. Most of the hampers are found in good package systems. You can choose it according to your wish. They are found in a package mode.

The online sites for shopping

The online shopping sites are very helpful for providing a wide variety of gift packages. The sites have a dedicated team of gift helpers who can assist you in finding an appropriate gift. They are indeed in the business of giving and it is in their DNA to ensure every one of their gift hampers is made with love and care. They even understand that you are giving a gift and so they take pride as the custodians of those gifts, whether it is a new baby gift or a gift to say thank you.

Fresh made gift hampers

 Most of the online gift companies ensure that the gifts are made in a fresh way. Hence there are no complaints regarding the qualities. The wonderful team is focused on getting the freshest and highest quality gifts to your recipients’ day in day out. The team is particularly excited at the occasion or festive times. During this time they produce a wide variety of products in an amazing way. Most of them look very beautiful and unique way.

The amazing and reasonable hampers

If you are looking to gift your loved one with a gift hamper, then you have a number of such options. Now a day’s the online sites are very active in this regard. If you’re working on a tight budget, then there are hampers that are available within your reach. The whole thing will appear to be as beautiful and exclusive as an expensive one. The hampers that are available at a cheap rate include things from flowers to cakes and fruits. They are decorated in an awesome way.

Delivery of the hampers

One thing that is very important about this type of companies is that they mostly deliver their goods within the given time. Some companies even provide the option of same day delivery. This is really amazing. Thus for those who want to save a little money in the process of gifting have a good option. There are a number of online gift sites who are dedicatedly working on this issue.  The gifts are beautifully presented in a glossy high-quality gift box along with a free personalized message, full sized, printed gift card. The companies provide cheap hamper that offers excellent value for money and will delight your recipient beyond their price and are frequently told by the customers that they have.

Gift ideas for Bride to be

October 25th, 2017

A bridal shower is an occasion which is gaining popularity over the few years. This is an event where the friends of the bride throw the bride to be a party with just her other female friends. They dance, organize fun activities, talk, share stories and gift the bride one special item related to her future married life. They say a woman knows another woman the best. The best gift you could give your girlfriend would be the one that would come in handy during their married life. Here are a few creative items which can be gifted to your friend during her bridal shower.


This is the safest gift to present to a woman. There is never too much make-up in a woman’s life. During the initial days, she would also wish to look good for her partner. You could send her a combined range of beauty products or hampers by post or even gift it during the time of the bridal shower. The hamper could range of various types of essentials such as lipsticks, Eye make-up, Foundation, Blush, contour, etc. along with other natural products such as aloe vera, Ayurveda, etc to ensure a balance for her skin.

Polaroid Camera

This one would work wonders a gift to a newly married woman. Living in the present age of selfies and digital photography, she will have no greater joy than getting to capture those beautiful moments of her married life in person and add it to her collection of memories. You could also gift her a personalized photo album just for your friend and her partner. This would work best if its gifted before their honeymoon as that is the time when a woman enjoys herself and her surrounding the best. She would love her pictures clicked as well as her partners without worrying about space and storage of her phone.


Most women love to dress up after their wedding to gather the attention of their partner. You could gift them hair products, jewelry such as anklets, bracelets or pendants, basic appliances such as straighteners/curler, or even combine them all gift hamper UK and send it to her while she is off honeymooning anywhere in the world. She would come back not expecting this lovely surprise and would love to open up a gift that takes care of all her needs.

Massage vouchers

Initial days of marriage would also be hectic for both your friend and her partner.  gift them vouchers for couple massages or even individual messages which may be valid for a few months so that they take time off their hectic schedule and relax in the company of one another. You could add complementary services such as pedicures, facial, hair spa, etc to pamper your friend.

These are some of the things that would make for great bridal shower gifts. The point is to ensure you are there for your friend during her new stage of life. The best gift is the gift of time, love, and attention.

Top Cheap Hampers For Loved Ones

February 26th, 2015

Instead of buying one gift for a loved one, isn’t it better that you present a whole hamper of gifts? A personally assembled gift hamper is valued much because of the effort that went into creating it.

Hamper gift is also not expensive as you fear. By carefully picking items, one can cut down the cost. One can also tailor the contents of the hamper according to the taste and likings of the recipient. One can get cheap hampers delivered anywhere in the country.

Here are a few ideas for top cheap gift hampers (All items cost less than £35) at Express Gift Service:

  • Brunch Fruit Tray: This gift box is packed with delicious, healthy dry fruits. It is an exquisite brunch time item to savour. It provides instant dose of energy and pampers the taste buds. The hamper consist of a selection of cranberries, figs, pineapple and apricots. It is packed in an octagonal tray, wrapped aesthetically with a ribbon and can include a personalized gift card.
  • Gourmet Nuts Tray: Nuts are the best way to keep warm in the winter or rainy season and the nuts in the hamper are crunchy and delicious. This hamper contains seasonal dry fruits like walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts and hazel nuts. These can be placed in an attractive box and secured with a pretty ribbon.
  • Birthday Flower Gift: A lovely display of 12 tender spray carnations in attractive hues like white, pink and yellow blooms. There are at least four blooms on every stem, which will provide 48 flowering heads for 12 stems.
  • Pine Nuts Tray: Delight your family with this healthy snack. Hamper is made of a selection of Brazil nuts, walnuts and almonds. Can be set in a pine nut design tray, secured with a ribbon and feature a personalized gift card.
  • Kula Spa Bath Tub: This attractively arranged mini bath tub will sit pretty in any bathroom and provide for a pampering, luxurious experience in summers and winter (the whole year round). Fragrance is of Sea Kelp which calms the body.  It also contains Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Pro Vitamin B5, Evening Primrose Oil,   Vitamin E and Vitamin A.  The hamper also features Body Lotion, Body Butter, Body Spray, Towel Sponge and Shower Gel.


  • Sweet and Pickle Hamper Basket: Add spice and flavour to your meals using sweets and pickles. The hamper is based on a classic contrast between sweet and sour. Some products, which you can add include English breakfast marmalade, Strawberry jam, gardener’s choice chutney and potting shed Pickle.
  • Christmas Tree Fruit Cake: This scrumptious fruit cake is an ideal gift hamper for friends and family in the holiday season. It is made of natural ingredients, top class fruits covered with marzipan and fondant icing. It has a long shelf life, so enjoy for a long time. Ingredients are Currants, Sultanas, Wheat flour, Cherries, Sugar, Whole egg, mixed peel, Vegetable fats, Maize starch, Raising agent, whey powder, natural preservatives, colours and flavours. It is suitable for vegetarians and is free of alcohol.

 These are top seven gift hamper treats you can get within 30 pounds.

Give small happiness and make a happy family

February 23rd, 2015

Family is the main root of every one. The people wherever they go and whatever they do their origin will not change. It’s the family attention which makes us come back to it again and again no matter where we go. It’s the most important thing in life to spend time with your family and create a healthy interactive environment in home. if the home is peaceful and you share a great relations with all the family members then it will have a great positive influence on your mood, life and work.

The people who have some disturbance in their family life they are not able to perform well and unable to put their 100% efforts in work or studies as their mind is stuck in a Spider man web. The more time you spend together, the better chance you have of sharing quality experiences. Eating meals together, talking about the events of the day, sharing joys and defeats, doing household chores together and spending some evenings popping corn and watching movies are examples of shared activities. Some families even schedule one evening every week for special family activities.

Spending time with family helps build the bonds of relationships while incorporating family fun. Cooking meals, doing laundry, and going to work are all essential, but they often mean less time for parents to spend with those they love most. A recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that women spend only slightly more time on household chores than men do, which shows that all parents are pulled in many directions. “Certainly work, marriage, kids, and feeding the family are all high priorities, but there are healthy approaches to all of these that don’t require moms to feel so out of control,

There are different ways with which you can spend more time with the family and create a healthy home to live in. some of the ideas are as follows:

  • Fix out a time of a day especially for the family and just put a stop on all other tasks.
  • Go for cycling or some outing on weekends in this not only you will get an opportunity to spend time with family, but you will also get relaxed.
  • Try to remember everyone’s birthday and special events like anniveseriesetc and put some extra efforts to buy the gifts. Gift giving has a vrty positive impact of the relations. Even if you are away from home on any event then you can make all gift hampers delivery UK by using online delivery services.
  • Eating meals together
  • Take interest in other family member’s issues and make efforts to solve them.
  • Play games with the children’s.
  • Watch movies and TV together.
  • Do shopping together
  • Get involve in baking or home cleaning activities
  • Help others in house hold chores