5 Mind-Boggling Birthday Cake Ideas & Tips

February 17th, 2019

The birthday, be it of the son, daughter or the teen or the aged should be celebrated in grand pomp and but cutting the cake. Generally, the birthday party is hosted where friends, neighbours, colleagues and relatives attend. Even though birthdays can be stated to be stressful time, trying to decorate and bake the perfect cake, it is not however, mandatory. There have emerged several online portals that do promote different types, sizes and flavours of cakes for birthdays and other occasions.

Five fabulous birthday cake ideas

It is easy to order birthday cakes delivery from the top portals at affordable rates. There are numerous styles and themes of cakes to choose from. It will be essential to go through the details, so as to choose the best one to suit the particular theme, preference and moods.

  • Customized cake: This suggestion is sure to be loved by those who do not prefer decorating the kid’s birthday cakes. They are likely to provide basic ingredients such as frosting, cupcakes, small candies, spreading knives, etc. and allow the birthday boy/girl and the guests to decorate own cupcakes as desired. Each guest is provided with a plastic apron and plastic tablecloth to reduce the mess caused.
  • Photo cakes: They have become popular these days. The cake can be made with translucent sugar ‘photo’ and is meant for all ages. The favourite photo is to be given to the cake decorating store, who will then prepare its edible version. Following the provided instructions, the top can be added with iced, simple cake.
  • Animal cakes: These cakes resemble that of animals like pandas, teddy bears, puppies and kittens, etc., which are classic favourites of children. Using two round layers is termed to be an easier way to have the animal themed birthday cake to be decorated wonderfully. The first round one is to be used as animal’s head and the second one cut to make ears along with other features.
  • Sports cakes: Such themed cake is sure to be loved by the boy or girl who is into active or passive sports. Round cakes can be decorated to resemble that of soccer balls, basketballs or baseballs. The cake can also resemble the sports field that can be made with rectangular sheet cake. Hoop, goal or a net can be added to it along with plastic figurines of sports players and spectators.
  • Character cakes: A good number of children are found to be obsessed with cartoon, television or film characters or probably a toy or doll. Then, the character cake is the best bet around to try out. It is possible to impress girls with Barbie or Disney based character cakes. Boys are sure to love Mickey & Donald, G.I. Joe, Spiderman or Bob the Builder cakes! It is easy to obtain specialized cake mould to come up with the licensed characters.

The web based portals do offer varieties of cakes to suit all occasions, themes and moods. They also allow to order and send birthday cake online.