4 Things You Should Know Before You Send Hospital Gifts

March 18th, 2020

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A family member or a close friend may be hospitalized, and you want to send her a gift, right? It is a good and noble thought in the first place to send a gift to a sick person as it makes him/her feel good and happy. However, before you send a hospital gift such as a fruit basket gift, you must keep in mind certain factors. We list below five such things to keep in mind, which will prevent your thoughtful hospital gifting idea from becoming a disaster.

Know the complete address – You must know the complete address of the hospital as well as the details of the patient room. When you enter the incorrect address on the gift package, in all likelihood, your gift will not reach the patient. You must mention the room number, name of the hospital department in which the patient is undergoing treatment and the recipient’s full name in order to avoid fruit delivery UK disaster. In addition, if you have any doubts, you must call the hospital to seek full information on their delivery terms and conditions. You can also visit the hospital’s website for further details.

Expect delivery to take time – Hospital gifts take time to reach the patients even if the gift has been delivered at the hospital. This is because the hospital staff who hand over the gifts to the patients do not deliver the gifts instantly. Sometimes the gifts remain for hours and days at the reception desk. Also, make sure the gift does not reach the hospital on the day the patient is being discharged from the hospital; in such a case, it is expected that the gift will not reach the patient.

Keep in mind the food restrictions – When you decide to bestow an eatable gift item upon the patient keep in mind their dietary restrictions because doctors often prescribe a restricted diet to their patients. In such a case, the best gift would be a fruit basket. A fruit basket is the healthiest gift that you can give to an ailing person. Overnight or two-day shipping should be preferred to send a fruit basket to prevent the fruits from being perished. In most cases, patients are allowed to eat fruits. However, it would still be a better idea to seek information from the hospital’s nutrition department before sending any food-gift to the patient.

Hospital Gift Restrictions – Not all gifts are allowed in the hospital premise. If the patient is in the ICU, or delivery unit flowers balloons, candles are prohibited in most cases. It is recommended to read the hospital gift policies before sending a gift. At times, patients are allergic to certain things and are banned by the hospital.

We hope the above tips will help you in avoiding any disaster in the process of getting a hospital gift delivered. There is nothing better than seeing a sick person smile and be cheerful after receiving a gift.