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Top 10 Reasons Mangoes Should Be Part of Your Fruit Basket

August 5th, 2016

Want to say Thank you to someone? What better way than sending thank you fruit hampers to express your gratitude? They are not just healthy but also are easy to be delivered and hence make one of the best and most thoughtful gifts. A thank you fruit basket can contain fruits like apples, oranges, mangoes, pineapples etc. Let us focus on why the inclusion of mangoes is important in such a gift basket.

Mangoes are known as the ‘king of fruits’ but not for no reason. It is an amazing fruit, not just because of its looks and smell, but also because of its incredible health and skin benefits for its ‘consumers’. Let us delve deeper into the positive effects of this stunningly tasty fruit.

  • Improves The Health of Bones – Mangoes contain Vitamin K that is essential in contributing to the improvement of the health of bones in the human body.
  • Helps Fight Against Cancer – The immense number of antioxidants present in mangoes help in the prevention of leukemia apart from the many other different types of cancer.
  • Helps Reduce Acne / Pimples – Raw mango mixed with warm water is a great solution for reducing unwanted pimples or acne. It works like a homemade astringent or cleanser and leaves you with a fresher looking and more glowing skin.
  • An Amazing Conditioner – The fruit has just not health and skin benefits, but also works as a great conditioner for your hair. A mix of milk, eggs and mango pulp, if applied to the hair, works like magic leaving the hair silky smooth and manageably shiny.
  • Works Towards Increased Metabolic Rate:  The fiber in mangoes contributes to improved digestion and works towards improved bowel movements, thus increasing metabolic rate that improves the rate of weight loss.
  • Reduces The Chances of Stroke: No matter what way one eats it, mangoes are known to successfully reduce the chances of heart diseases.
  • Controls Grey Hair and Hair Loss:  Mango has nutrients that quite amazingly reduce hair loss and prevent graying of hair. Mixing it with coconut or mustard oil will give the hair the desired results.
  • Improves Eyesight – The fruit is a key contributor to improving weak eyesight and prevents diseases like night blindness. This is possible because of the presence of the vital Vitamin A in mangoes.
  • Incredible for The Skin: If mixed with the right ingredients, mangoes work wonders for the skin. The nutrients present in it works towards hydrating the skin, leaving it soft and smooth after application.
  • Better Fertility: The wide range of nutrients work well not just for skin or hair or health, they add to better fertility too. A mango, when consumed, improves fertility and prevents the miscarriage of fetuses.

No matter whoever you’re sending it to, thank you fruit baskets by post is not just one of the best ways but also one of the healthiest ways to thank someone. And the inclusion of extremely beneficial fruits like mangoes just add to the valuable thought behind the gift and emotion. So, the next time you’re sending someone a ‘thank you basket,’ make sure you don’t forget to add the ‘king of fruits’ in it.

Cakes and Their Role in Weddings

August 3rd, 2016

Cakes have been an integral part of weddings since a long time. It has become a tradition now. On wedding days, almost all the couples love to cut a cake together to start their new conjugal life. In fact, there is also a tradition of storing the upper tier of the cake for one year and the couple takes a bite from that cake on their first anniversary. This is also a token of good fortune for the new couple.

Celebrating anniversaries with cakes is thus a common thing now. If one wants to send anniversary cakes to a couple, they can always bake one for them or can order from the ample varieties and flavors available.


History of wedding cakes and where it began

It is said, in ancient Rome, people used to end a wedding by breaking a cake on the bride’s head. This cake was made of wheat or barley. They took it as a symbol of good fortune. After the cake breaking ceremony, the newlywed couple used to eat a few pieces from the broken cake together which meant, that they will share and spend their life together this day onwards. After that, the invitees used to gather up the remaining pieces of the cake, which were taken as a symbol of good luck.

Then came the medieval England tradition. There in weddings, there were small spiced buns, which were stacked up during the occasion. Then the invitees used to put up a challenge to the new bride and the new groom. They will have to kiss each other over that tall stack of buns so that they couldget lifetime prosperity.

In early British period, the wedding cake was popularly known as Bride’s Pie. This was a large and round pie with a decorated pastry crust on the top. This crust was made with filling of sweetbreads, spices, pineapples and oysters. It was considered to be a symbol of future happiness for the newlywed couples. Each invitee present in the wedding was asked to take a bite from the pie and one who got the wedding ring hidden in the pie was considered the one who will marry next.  The concept has become old, but the bride’s pie is still a delicacy in many parts of England.

Fruit cakes and weddings

Fruit cake became the centre of attraction in the weddings since 17th century. This is because fruit cake is said to be the symbol of fertility and prosperity. In some places, a small cake was offered to the bride on her arrival at her new home. After eating a piece from it, the bride would throw the rest of the cake over her head. This was taken as a symbol of good fortune.

To send anniversary cake; one can take help from the online cake websites, which have the facility of delivering fresh cakes at doorsteps. If one wants to bake an anniversary cake; they can always find delicious recipes online and make them.

Best Customized Gifts for Birthdays

August 3rd, 2016


Birthdays are the best day for any person because it is the day he knows his importance in the lives of his loved ones. His family and friends send heartiest wishes, arrange surprise birthday bash or send gifts to make him feel special. A birthday is the day when you can shower your love on the birthday person by doing something special for him or her. Either you throw a birthday party that would rejoice them and make a great addition to their celebrations or you can simply send a surprise gift that would astonish them.

Nowadays finding the right gift for birthdays is not that difficult. You can scroll through the internet to find amazing birthday gift ideas and even shop online for the best gift. It doesn’t matter if you can deliver the gift personally because online gift delivery service has solved this problem of distances. All you have to do is choose a perfect gift like chocolates for birthday, make payment and send birthday chocolates online to the recipient.

The online gift shops have introduced some marvelous variety of customized gifts for birthdays for every person. Customized gifts are quite unique and trendy as they distinguish your intentions well from all ordinary gifts. They show that you are greatly attached to the person emotionally and want to wish them with your personal style involved. So what could be the best customized gifts for birthdays?

Customized Accessory

If the recipient is fond of wearing certain types of accessory like bracelet, wrist watch, sunglasses, or a handbag, then you should always go with their favorite type of accessory. Now you can easily order customized accessories online or get readymade from gift shops because they are quite popular and in fashion as well. Sending your loved one a customized pendant, a wallet with their name initials or a photo frame with some lovely message would be a heartwarming gift for them.

Customized Chocolates

Yes you have read it right! The chocolates are now easily customized according to the occasions. You can get customized Thank You Chocolates, Mother’s Day Chocolates and Birthday Chocolates delivery to your lovely recipient and make them feel amazed with such a tempting gift. Chocolates are usually loved by everyone and people love to send and receive chocolates for various occasions like milk chocolates for Christmas, dark chocolates for Mother’s Day and many more.

Customized Cakes

Cake is the most essential part of every birthday whether it is celebrated in a small gathering or with a huge party. Cakes can easily be customized with sensational designs of frosting. The bakers have come up with stylish and trendy customization designs for birthday cakes. You can get a customized birthday cake for the loved one based on their favorite taste. Like there are cartoon character themes, sports theme for men, makeup or accessories theme for stylish women etc. You can also present your own creative idea as well to make a customized cake for the loved one to surprise them with such amazing gift.