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Long distance relationships – exchange gifts frequently

July 29th, 2016

Luckily, long distance relationships nowadays are not as difficult as they used to be. Until the last century, a long distance relationship meant burning a hole in your pocket to make a call or waiting for the post-man to come and deliver the note from your beloved. With advancement in technology, everything is simple and easy now. Distance now is only a number. With so many video calling applications etc, you two are always connected. Plus, gifts like fruit hampers, or accessory hampers are always available to send across to your loved one. Sending gifts is easier than it could ever be. Here are a few tips to make a long distance relationship a successful one.

Know the limits of communication. Too much of communication, or too less of it, both are harmful. While you should communicate on a daily basis and check on each other, it is also important to keep in mind that too much communication only causes unwanted misunderstandings. Your other one needs space at times and you should give them.

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In case you can, you should go and visit each other as often as possible. While phone calls and video calls do keep you connected, meeting in person is altogether different. Walking together hand in hand makes you feel like you actually are in a real relationship.

Even when you are not together, you can do things together, thanks to technology. You can have your meals at the same time in front of a video call, or go shopping at the same time.

Honesty is the best policy. Be honest to one another. This is the most essential thing in a long distance relationship. Keeping secrets within you will only make you feel trapped. So why not share them all instead?

You can, at times, write them mails. For this, you do not need to be William Shakespeare or Lord Byron. You just need to pour out your feelings in the simplest words possible. Such small things matter a lot in a long distance relationship.

Drop them a beautiful text once they are off to sleep, so that when they wake up in the morning, the message becomes main reason for their smile all day long.

Send across gifts. As often as you can. This does not mean you need to send across expensive gifts. Send gifts which show your concern towards them. For example, you can send fresh fruit hampers to make sure they eat their fruits after dinner. Or Maybe a book they’ve been longing to read.

Learn new things together – maybe you two can join some online classes together where you together learn the same thing. This will give the feeling of you two being together and being tied up.

Is it very important to be understanding in a long distance relationship? You cannot behave impatient. Say, if the phone battery of your partner has drained out or when their internet connection goes off, these are the times you need to be patient and not jump to any wrong conclusions out of possessiveness.

Follow these simple tips and stand out as a good example of a happy long distance relationship.

The off-beat cake flavours you can give a try

July 28th, 2016

If you do not like cake, the world would probably call you an endangered species!  From ring ceremonies to birthday parties, cakes are an important dish of every occasion. Not only it is good to your taste buds but can also lift your low spirits. While most people enjoy the chocolate and vanilla cakes, we have a list of offbeat flavours for you. So if you planning to order a birthday cake online, try one of these flavours.

Carrot Cake – A carrot cake might sound an unlikely flavour. However, let us clear the basic misconceptions about a carrot cake. Carrots are the key ingredient of the sweet cakes that are common in Europe since the Middle Ages. You see that a cake is not very healthy but carrots are very health variety of vegetables. So when you use the two together – the end product is a health cake which also tastes well. To make these you need to unify carrot in your cake batter. Then when you bake the cake, the carrot becomes tasty, moist and soft, giving you a beautiful flavoursure to win your heart. You will notice that the consistency of any cake made using carrots is thicker than other regular cakes. Carrots can also be used for the icing decoration. On a carrot cake, cream cheese is the best preferred icing though. Many bakeries baking this cake bake it with raisins, pecans, walnuts pineapples, etc.for the added flavour. But the flavour, we promise, is great!

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Banana Cake–This may also sound absurd to you but a banana cake tastes good. Banana has a good taste and is naturally sweet, thus giving the cake a much better and natural flavour over the other cakes which are artificially flavoured. Banana is commonly used in many pies and desserts. You may have often heard of the banana pie or banana sundaes. For a banana cake, the fruit is mashed into the batter of the cake directly. You can use the whipped cream for a banana cake with chocolate garnishing. You can use and experiment many flavour combinations with the banana cake, usually all combinations taste great. The combination and recipe is up to you.

Lemon Cake–We are assuming that you already thought a lemon cake will taste sour. No, it will not. Lemon cakes are much delicious than what you make of them by their name. When you mix the tart of the lemon to the sweet of the cake, the resulting flavour is absolutely mouth-watering. Lemon cakes are a great alternative for those who do not like too much of anything sweet, including cakes. The main ingredients of the cake are lemon zest and grated lemons. The icing is a yellow or tangy frosting mostly. You can try baking lemon cake at home.

The next time you think of birthday cakes to order online, ask for one of the above flavours. The recipient, or the birthday girl/boy is sure to enjoy the new and exotic flavour.

Top 5 Cake baking tips

July 28th, 2016

The very first word that pops up in our minds when we hear of the word cake is that of Celebrations! Festivals, weddings, anniversaries, welcome, farewells, and of course, birthdays, all of these can never be complete without the mandatory cake cutting ceremony. But with most of us living away from home for either work or studies, it does not be possible to be physically a part of all these celebrations and cake cutting. But cake delivery makes these celebrations quite possible even for people living far away from one another. You can now plan a tasty surprise for your loved one from wherever in the world you are. Here are the top tips that can help you bake the finest of cake.

Choosing the correct pan for the cake – You need to start with the basics, of course. And the first basic is choosing the right clean and polished pan made of aluminium which will reflect the heat away from the cake and lend it a light brown and super soft crust. The darker the pan, the darker the crust will be. If you bake on an insulated pan, the baking time will be much longer. Plus, you also need to consider its size. A shapeless cake is usually a result of a big pan. But the issue with the small pan is that the batter may overflow.

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Do not just copy-paste the written recipe into methodology – You cannot bake without following the recipe, but following it blindly will only result in a flop show.  Everyone has his or her own style of baking and cooking, and also the instruments you are using which largely vary from the ones used in the tutorial video. So if you blindly follow the recipe, the result will not be the same as you saw. Thus you need to remember that a few ingredients and their quantity can vary.

Do not refuse to make use of a gadget– Few of you, like many others, may not want to use a gadget in baking. But why not? It saves you not only manual labour but time too. Eventually, your cake will matter and now how you baked it.

Measure the ingredients to be used– You must have precision, especially when baking. Otherwise your cake will never turn out to taste good. A small mistake in measuring will cause your cake to either look or taste bad. To avoid this, make use of measuring scales. You cannot bake without precision.

Less baking powder; more fat content in butter – You need to be very careful when using the baking powder in the cake. Too much of it will lead to a very dry cake. Same with butter, make sure it has fat content. If the butter does not have fat content, it means it has a lot of water. And this water will evaporate when you bake the cake, leading to a complete mess in your oven. Most products in UK contain high content of fat.

You can bake for your own satisfaction. But if you want to send cake to someone, its best to use cake delivery UK method. Simple and easy.