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Hampers to Show That You Care

August 30th, 2014

When it comes to giving gifts to office clients, things can often get tricky. Many kinds of gifts are considered inappropriate. Gift cards or office supplies can be viewed impersonal whereas flowers and plants can cause problems for others. So what can make up the perfect office gift hamper and that too with Christmas just around the corner?

It needs to be something appropriate, and something that can be shared by the entire office if necessary. There are many kinds of gift hampers available nowadays with lots of different varieties. It does not have to be the traditional wicker basket anymore. You can use an open tray, which can be beautifully decorated or a container with lids- whichever one that suits the items.


The office gift hampers often have different themes nowadays. You can choose a sport themed one- like golf, cricket or baseball themed one. These will be perfect for a sports associate or someone who is a weekend athlete. There are other kinds of themes you can think of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other special occasions. Just like occasions, there are various food and drink themes. Let us have a look at a few of the food and drink themed gift hampers in UK.

  • The beer and nut gift hampers for Christmas in UK are very popular. These hampers can be given to business associates, to students graduating from college and can also be a perfect retirement gift hamper. It can include beer and pretzel bites and crackers with distinguishing mustard. For someone with a more distinguished palate, consider putting in ale and cheese.
  • Fruit and chocolate hampers. This is a more suitable gift hamper for Christmas and is perfect for the whole office or a group of business associates. A fruit and chocolate hamper is likely to have something for everybody. It can be passed around, or placed in a conference room during break. These hampers can include variations of chocolates, chocolate covered peanuts or cherries, or chocolate cookies.
  • For a better known business associate, or an elderly couple, you can think of a wine and cheese basket. Cookies, biscuits or lemonade, whatever is chosen, make sure the package is attractive. Choose appropriate packaging for the gift hamper. For example, if you have chosen a fruit basket, give it in an open basket. If you are giving chocolates, beer or other spirits, choose covered, dark colored containers keeping the theme of Christmas in mind. Include matching utensils, plates and matching accompaniments.

No matter what the occasion is, make sure you tailor your hampers accordingly. If you make it unique, you need not go in for fancy and extravagant ones. This will help you stay within the budget, especially for small business companies, and convey all the heartfelt sincerity and good wishes.

Preparing the best chocolate cake for the occasion

August 25th, 2014

It is a well known fact that cake is a delicious item that is simply loved by every person on Earth. Custom made chocolate cakes can simply add intense excitement and thrill to the party since it has been specifically designed to meet the moods and preferences of those who are present in the party and to suit the occasion. Moreover, the customized chocolate cake can actually feature the perfect representation of the occasion. One can without any hassle order birthday cakes online delivery in UK that would be delivered on time and at the specified location.

Amazing cakes

Cakes are indeed amazing and if carefully selected can brighten up the party, be it a birthday, anniversary, or just about any kind of celebration. There are a variety of cakes available in the market or that can be baked in the kitchen. But the one that always enjoys immense popularity is the chocolate cake. Cakes when baked with patience, the right effort and knowledge can be regarded to be a real masterpiece, something that can be lip smacking and enjoyed by everyone.

What goes into it?

Chocolate cakes are again of different types. Having a look at the online bakery site can give the person a better idea as to what type of chocolate cakes are available, including the ingredient that goes into it. The images of the cakes put up the site are really tempting and would compel the individual to order one immediately. Cakes of reputed brands are sure to have that distinctive appearance and feel. These are expertly and beautifully crafted and most of them have handmade sugar craft finish in them. In case, the individual is after fine patisserie, such creations might not be the one to be selected. However, if the person plans to have a cake, which truly appears as though, it is made with passion and loved by real person, then these can be the best choice. A well baked cake would really taste great and loved by all the guests and nothing can beat the excitement of having something that is delivered at the door or baked in the kitchen.

Why chocolate cakes?

This is a difference that many are not aware of. Chocolate cakes are addictive in nature. It does have a special meaning attached to the person and brings light feeling and happiness. As the person ingests the chocolate present in the cake, it has a chemical component that drives the brain to offer happy sensation.

Sweetness does make the person energetic as sugar is a known to be an energizing element. Chocolate cakes are also used for expressing affection. This goes well with anniversaries and birthdays. There are many who also use chocolate cakes in a romantic way by hiding surprise engagement ring and other items inside it, which further enhances the moment, moods and helps both to cherish it for a long time. Since chocolate is a passion for many, cakes made from chocolate have always been a major hit.

Fruit baskets do enrich the gift giving experience

August 22nd, 2014

Although there are thousands of gifts that can be shared during occasions and events, it is the fruit basket that needs special mention. Fruit baskets are said to be in existence right from the early ages. When people learnt to weave, they started to fill in baskets with all types of fruits for the purpose of sharing and consuming.

What is fruit basket?

It is regarded to be a basket, which is filled with different types of fruits. These have been traditionally provided as gifts. Displaying it on the table or counter top is sure to be fun and also make the person pride. The typical fruit basket could contain oranges, apples, bananas, tangerines, pears, grapefruit, pineapple and grapes.

Such baskets of fruits when designed as gifts could offer much more than the fruits for tempting the palate of the recipient. The traditional hamper could also include other items along with fruits such as cheese, summer sausage, nuts, jams and gourmet crackers. This tasty hamper can also be added with gourmet chocolates that can enhance its value.

An ideal gift

Fruit hampers are considered to be ideal gifts, especially to those people, who are just not sure as to what kind of gift is to be sent. For some friends and family members, buying gifts can really be a difficult task since their preferences and likings might not be known or they could be moody and not easily impressed. The fruit baskets do arrive in different types of pretty baskets with festive ribbons, paper and greenery in them, therefore making it an attractive and ideal gift to buy if the person is unsure as to what gift should be purchased.

How to order?

No more has the individual to walk out in the heat, rain or cold for purchasing a hamper and worry about its delivery. There are plenty of online sites that have made a reputation for itself in the industry. Such sites do have a wonderful collection of hampers suited to every mood, taste, liking, budget and occasion. Also, the individual can have the hampers customized to his needs and budget without much hassle. The selection and ordering process is very easy, and there are customer-care professionals present online or over the phone, who can help in the whole ordering process. Once done, the payment can be made online through credit card, debit card, PayPal or bank transfer, depending on the choice of the buyer.

The delivery process

The online sites have tie ups with the local and international delivery companies that help the parcel to be delivered on time and at the right location. The ordered hampers are neatly packed, so that they are not damaged during the journey. Fruit hampers UK delivery is quick and timely.

Fruit baskets for all occasions

The fruit hampers could be delivered for all occasions such as get well gifts, congratulation gifts, thank you gifts, mother’s day/father’s day gifts, Christmas gifts or for any other event, which requires gifts to be shared.