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How to order for online delivery of cakes?

November 22nd, 2013

Sending a cake to a loved one has become simpler, thanks to the facility of cake delivery online. Cakes of different varieties, flavours, shapes and sizes are available at online cake boutiques.

Online companies prepare cakes with special recipes. It is better than making a cake at home as baking is a messy affair. Besides, one must be artistically talented to do attractive icing on the cake. So it is better to leave the cake making and icing to experts.

Online companies provide for next day delivery of cakes so that they are fresh and moist. One can keep track of one’s order with most online companies. Such companies have arrangements with postal services like Royal mail for door step delivery of cakes.

You may get a first email when you place an online order. A second email will be sent to you to let you know that the order has been processed.  A final e-mail will be sent to you to confirm that the cake has been delivered at your address.

Some of the types of cakes ordered online are:

•             Shaped cakes: Cakes of any shapes can be sculpted by experts like toys, flowers, hearts etc. They can do different designs from quirky to sophisticated to fairy tale designs.

•             Cup cakes: Cup cakes are every popular nowadays. This is because they are convenient to handle, with each having its own individual wrapping. They are also colourful as they can be individually iced to different designs and shapes. The popularity of cup cakes is due to the change in modern tastes and fashions. The companies keep track of the latest trends, which are constantly changing and evolving. Cup cakes are highly cost-effective but are equally charming for all your special occasions. They can be packaged beautifully and work well as gift favours of your special day like weddings.

•             Mini cakes: These are smaller versions of a main cake that is the focal point of your occasion. These are individually baked and iced mini-square or round cakes. The stunning visual impact of an arrangement of mini cakes is desirable, but they are expensive as they are time consuming to make. But they are a unique and personal way to thank special guest like bridesmaids, best man etc.

•             Sponge cakes: They come in different flavours like Chocolate sponge cake, Apple crumble cake, Carrot cake etc. They may be ordered for occasions like a Birthday or Valentine’s Day or just to enhance an afternoon tea. Sponge cakes are created out of natural ingredients and made in small batches so that they are fresh and moist. A 7 inch sponge cake will be enough for 8 large size servings. Sponge cakes have a shelf life of 10 days, but it is better that you consume it within 7 days.

One can order cakes online for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Birthday, wedding Day, Christmas or Easter or just to wish thank you, congratulations or Get Well soon. An online ordered cake will surely cheer the heart of the receiver.

Express cake delivery for special occasions and celebrations

November 22nd, 2013

Most people like to celebrate different occasions with their friends and family. In order to celebrate any occasion, the cakes are special treat. Cakes are the main attraction for any party or celebration. Apart from celebrations, cakes are also a good option for sending as a gift to a loved one who is far away from us. Almost every person on the planet likes cakes and would love to receive them as a gift. With a cake, it is easy to convey your love and blessings to the receiver.

Homemade or read made

It takes a lot of time and effort to bake tasty and delightful cake. Apart from time and effort, you need to be exceptionally good in your baking skills. Even if you are very good at kitchen, then, also you need to shop for the long list of items which is very exhausting. If you are not very good at baking, then, you don’t have to worry about that. The gift stores provide you the facility of purchasing delicious cakes baked by professional bakers.

 Online or offline

Although the offline stores give you a lot of variety yet when you are looking for the best cakes, then, the online gift stores are ideal place to purchase. The online stores offer a wide range of cakes in terms of flavours and prices. They have a cake for every occasion and celebration whether it is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday or Anniversary. The different flavours like chocolate, strawberry, black forest and many more are available on online stores. In addition to that, there are various theme based cakes with a personalised message engraved on it by cream or other seasonings.

Why online?

The main benefit of online stores is that they offer amazingly low prices when compared to the offline store. The great variety offered by the online stores enables you to choose the best cake for you according to your budget. Along with great prices and wide range, the online stores also offer very efficient delivery services. The biggest problem you face is the delivery of the cakes if you need to send it to a loved one who lives at a remote place from you. It needs a rugged and tough packaging to ensure that the cake survives the trip and reaches its destination without any defect. The online stores take care of that and deliver your gifts on time efficiently, anywhere you want. Sometimes you forget the occasion and it just strikes your mind at a point when you have very little or no time. The online stores prove to be a life saver at that time. Their same day delivery and next day cake delivery services ensure that your gift reaches your loved ones exactly on time. You get all these services at your home without any extra efforts. With some mouse clicks, you can select a nice cake for any occasion that also in your budget, while enjoying your drink at your favourite couch. This is another benefit of purchasing from online stores.


Eat more cakes; the day is birthday!!!

November 18th, 2013

There are several occasions to celebrate. But your birthday is something different for you. You are the hero of the celebration. You can feel that the ambience and atmosphere of the party itself tells you to eat more cakes. Yes, this special day makes you eat more delicious cakes with your family, friends and colleagues. This is the reason everyone takes cakes as a gift when attending the birthday functions. Are you in the thrill of attending your friend’s birthday? Then, it is the time to send cakes to him.

Cake first and you next

If you love to create surprise to your friend in his birthday, send him a cake first on the special day and you walk next to the venue. Yes, at present it is so easy for you to send birthday cakes in advance. Even if you can’t attend the function, you can send the cakes to your beloved. There are an online gift stores with delicious and wide collection cakes to select from. You can send cakes to your mother, father, son, friend or anyone in UK from any part of the world. You can also schedule the delivery of the cake.

Deliver next day

You can deliver the cake to your friend in UK tomorrow sitting in India today without making a move from your home or office. Just visit the online store and select your cake. You can find wide ranges of cake including Victoria Sponge cake, Elizabeth Sponge cake, Apple Crumble Sponge cake, Bakewell Sponge cake, Chocolate orange cake, Coffee Sponge cake, Lemon sponge cake and more. You can select the cake you love and can place the order with recipient address. The store will prepare the cake from quality ingredients and will be delivered on the next day to the hands of your beloveds. You can also send message cards and teddy bears with the cakes to double the joy and surprise.

Cake for everyone

Reputed online stores provide cakes for everyone. Whether you are celebrating 1st or 15th birthday, you can find amazing designs in cake to suit the party theme. Party celebration is certainly incomplete without tasty and yummy cakes. You can show your unlimited and uncontrolled love towards your friend by sending a crunchy cake on his birthday. You can build a good relationship and can bring back the love by gifting a cake. Cake has the ability to conquer the hearts of the recipient.

Make the wishes tastier

Now you can make your long distances wishes for your beloved’s birthday tastier, sweeter and surprising. Yes, let your wishes reach the special person in the form of delicious cake. With UK birthday cake delivery services, it’s now just a matter of few clicks to send the cakes to a person residing at miles of distance away from you. The surprise is that you can send it without missing the freshness and deliciousness.