15 minutes chocolate recipes to try!

November 30th, 2015

We all love and crave for chocolates. This is that one thing that adults and kids both cannot resist. There are so many healthy ways to make chocolate dishes in 15 minutes, which you don’t know about. And guess what? We have decided to list down some incredible chocolate recipes that you can perfect in 15 minutes or under. Keep on reading if you want some recipe ideas…

  • Fruit & nuts chocolate pie – We all love apple pies, but if you have tons of chocolate, then you can simply make a chocolate pie. Add in some fresh fruits, which are cut into small cubes in this with nuts. You can chop the dry fruits or nuts into tiny pieces and garnish the pie with it, but it is better to just add it inside the batter. If you have kids who hate eating fruits or dry fruits, then this recipe can help you a lot. Stuff the pie with lots of fruits; make sure the fruits are cut into the tiniest cubes.
  • Strawberry chocolate salad – Have too many strawberries at home? If yes, then you can use this as dessert. If you have guests coming over, and you want to make a dish in 15 minutes (including presentation), then you can simply use some chocolate sauce. Use fresh strawberries and dip them in warm chocolate sauce. Place this gently on a tray and let it freeze for a while. Once that is done, you can serve this beautiful and delicious dessert. This will hardly take 15 minutes!
  • Bread and chocolate delight – Have leftover bread at home? If you have round breads at your house then warm them up and fill the insides with thick chocolate sauce. Add a little chocolate on top with fresh or whipped cream and toss this in the fridge. Leave it for 10 minutes once the chocolate and cream set on the bun. You can bake this for 5 minutes in the oven too if the chocolate has not set properly. Make sure you add the cream on top post the baking process. With this dish, you can use the leftover bun bread and also utilise the chocolates you have at home.
  • Sponge cake – What better than a sponge cake for the day? Plain sponge cakes can be stored in the fridge for over 2 weeks if kept in an airtight container. Making a simple sponge cake doesn’t take time at all. All you need to do is make the batter and put it in the oven. Once that is done, the garnishing is your choice. You can have sponge cake for dessert and for evening snacks with tea.
  • Chocolate milk – Chocolate milk is said to be good for the body post a workout or running session. If you work out or run a lot, then you should start drinking chocolate milk more often.


These few simple recipes can help you utilise chocolates in the right way. The next time you send someone chocolate by post; don’t forget to add a note with these recipe ideas.