13 amazing summer flowers!

July 7th, 2015

The sun is shining in a lot of places and that means summer is here. These flowers aren’t made for summer but their charm and colors do have a summer feeling. With the list of the flowers, we also tell you what they are significant for. They are some of the most famous flowers given during the summer time. Check out the list:

  • Begonia – These beautiful flowers come in a wide variety of colours. They are a native to tropical climates. The message behind these flowers is, beware and cautious. It is said that this is what Begonia symbolises.
  • Chrysanthemum – The meaning behind these flowers are joy and optimism. These flowers have a long history which goes back to before the 15th century. So you can imagine how popular these flowers are!
  • Orchid –Orchids represent love, beauty and strength. If you are giving this to your partner then trust us, they will love it
  • Gardenia – Want to let someone know you admire them? Then gardenia is what you should gift. They traditionally mean secret love and so it is a great way to let someone know you like them a lot.
  • Gerbera – If sunflowers are not in the store, then Gerber are great replacements. Otherwise too these flowers are a very popular choice. Found in several beautiful and different colors, they represent innocence, purity and cheerfulness
  • Hyacinth – This colorful plant and wonderful looking flowers are one of a kind.
  • Iris – Iris is another flower that is famous. The name hails from Greeks and stands for faith, hope and wisdom.
  • Lily – Lilies are delicate and gorgeous. There is no reason why you shouldn’t gift these flowers to anyone. Lilies are a symbol of beauty and love.
  • Lilac – Lilac too has been named by the Greeks. It is a perfect gift for your teacher since it represents youthful sincerity
  • Magnolia – The white blooms signify beauty and dignity. Magnolias are grown during the summer.
  • Marigold – This stunning bright flower is found in vibrant colors like oranges and reds. It represents passion and creativity. They are largely used as gifts and we think they do make perfect flower gifts!

Poppy – Poppies are exotic and gorgeous looking blooms. They symbolist beauty, magic and eternal life. If someone you know loves red, then these are the perfect flowers for themRose – Last but not the least, how we not mention roses. They are probably the most famous flowers ever gifted. Often found in different colors, the red rose is a famous symbol of love all across nations. So if you aren’t sure of any other flowers, rose is always a good option.

So pamper yourself with one of these beautiful flowers this season and if you want to gift flowers to someone then you will find some best online flower delivery options over the internet. Pick your favourite one and gift it to someone. We hope this list helped you in knowing what each flower traditionally means.